Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm in Love with 2 Beautiful Girls and a Boy Named Turkey

One of the great things about being on the radio is the people you come into contact with. I recently had the pleasure of discovering a band that has been around in Japan for years and is currently on tour in the US. GO!GO!7188 is a mix of punk, rock and roll, & Japanese pop. From the moment I started listnening to the CD I was addicted.

Check out their MySpace page to learn more, check out tour dates, and listen to songs (I recommend "Jet Ninjin" & "I'm a Lucky Girl".

The band is made up of Yuu (guitar & vocals), Akko (bass & vocals), and Turkey (drums), and even though I have no idea what they are saying I could listen forever. This is truly fun music and definitely worth checking out. In fact we'll be playing a song at the end of our show on Saturday night!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Star Trek XI: Search For Sylar?

This goes under the catagory of wild rumor. My informat "Stupid Sister" found this little tidbit that originated at CHUD.COM and then was posted here TrekWeb
So Zachary Quinto from Heroes, everyones favorite brain jonesing super-villain Sylar is supposedly in negotiations to play Spock in J.J. Abrams retooling of the Star Trek franchise. Keep in mind as I've said total rumor, but so are all of the actors being mentioned for the coveted three main roles (Kirk, Spock, Bones).
This is what Quinto told Starburst Magazine a few months ago about the possibility of playing Spock
"I tend to be the type of person who acts from a very visceral place and reacts emotionally to situations, and to 'become' a character that is completely the opposite of that is one of the reasons why I'm an actor. I would love the opportunity to understand what it is to only operate from a place of logic and look at things so specifically from that perspective."

That's cool and everything but isn't Sylar really logic based and devoid of emotion? Either way if there's any truth to this rumor I'm cool with it. Quinto's work in Heroes is stellar (albeit his charecter is one of the more fascinating Super Villians we've seen in years) and I think he certainly looks the part, being he's tall and slender and has dark hair. It's exciting too because if he gets Spock then along with Spock's "Vulcan Neck Pinch", telepathy, and mind-melds they can also add in "Creepy Eye Glare".
Earlier casting rumors had Acadamy Award winning Adrien Brody playing Spock, which I'm also ok with, though for some reason I see Brody being a little more of humorious version of Spock than Quinto, which might be good if it's a lighter version of Star Trek. They also said Matt Damon is up for Kirk and Gary Sinese for Bones (Emily Deschanel could not be reached for a comment), I think the latter would be perfect for the grumpy old docter. I also am a fan of Matt Damon, and think he'd be a great Kirk, but in my opinion there's some one even better for the role. Keep in mind this is purely my opinion and it has no basis in either real news or even internet rumors but I think Ryan Gosling would be perfect as a young James T. Kirk. He's got indy and studio cred, he's blonde, and I think he could really pull off the cocky space cowboy persona that makes Kirk freaking awesome. If thats not enough for you he's also canadian, just like Shat.

Either way good luck to all of those actors, they're all good in my book.

Thanks to,, Starburst Magazine, and IMDB for the goods.


Braving the Kwik-E-Mart Rush

I can't let Dave have all the fun with this blog!

As you have probably noticed a number of 7-11's have been converted into Kwik-E-Marts as a major promotion for the upcoming Simpsons Movie. Lines outside wrap around the stores and at night spotlights shine from the parking lot. The store fronts have been altered to resemble the iconic Kwik-E-Mart with employees even wearing neon green shirts resembling Apu's standard uniform. Cutouts of some of the most popular Simpsons characters line the walls inside and out. But the best part are the products infamous to The Simpsons show (i.e. Krusty-O's, Buzz Cola, Homer's pink frosted donut, Squishees) that have been flying off the shelves.

I mentioned the lines. The products go fast and are limited (i.e. one 6-pack of Buzz cola and one box of Krusty-O's per person). They only let a few people into the store at a time. Other products like Simpsons bobble heads, talking pizza cutters, clocks, etc... cover the shelves. If you are brave enough to wait and push through the crush of people grabbing for the Simpsons products you should definitely check it out, but keep in mind they only restock periodically and no one seems to know when the products are actually coming in until the day of.

While most people are just excited to be getting their box of 4 donuts or Radioactive Man comic book there are the die hard fans and freaks that will try to claw their way ahead of you and stomp and whine and shout when they can't get what they want. In our case we had the displeasure of encountering a teenage girl who threw a fit when she found out that the only Simpsons products they had that day were bobble heads and donuts. Bearing her teeth she looked like a chubby wolf with glasses. "Ag!" she barked at us continuing on about how horrible they were for not having more. If I hadn't been busy taking photos she certainly would have scared me off. Please don't hurt me scary teenage girl I just want to take some pictures buy my donuts and leave. I quickly mooved to another portion of the store hoping that she wouldn't follow. She stomped around for a while then I assume she must have left. I recommend avoiding all kinds of eye contact with these types of people.

As for the products themselves, Squishees are just Slurpees in Squishee cups, the donuts are the most sugar filled confections I have ever tasted (a treat truly fit for Homer), and I assume the Buzz cola and Krusty-O's are just generic cola and frosted cereal in awesome packaging.

If you are willing to wait in the line and wade through the people I think it is a worthwhile adventure and certainly worth it for the products. Simpsons Fun for Everyone!



Hey have you guys seen the smoking hot canadian chick just cast as Kara Zor-El, Clark Kents super cousin from Krypton?


Ms. Laura Vandervoort is 22 and has a second degree blackbelt in karate according to IMDB. She'll start shooting in Vancouver next week and I believe Kara will be around for a good part of the first half of the 7th season. I have no idea when Canada became a hot chick factory but it's getting annoying. Elisha Cuthbert, Sarah Carter, Kristen Kruek, Erica Durance, Minka Kelly, Missy Peregrym, Cobie Smulders it's like a damn geyser of hotness, Canada is freaking Old Faithful!

Either way for any of you who weren't aware, Kara will show up and have all of Clark's powers, plus she can fly! Clark could freaking fly to, and he has like 9 times already, but be sure to tune in to all the yuck yucks when Kara tries to teach Clark how. This will be a strange season indeed, with Lana blown up (most likely that will last like, the first 15 minutes of the premiere), Kara showing up, Bizarro running amok and this being the last season Michael Rosenbaum plays Lex. I also heard a rumor that Justin Hartley will return as Oliver Queen at some point, so it looks like the show still has some steam left, and Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have already said they think they have 8 seasons worth of story left in them. We shall see either way I'm definetly tuning in for some flying lessons, as long as Tom Welling gets out of the damn way so I can ogle the new girl.

Thanks to the Superman Hompage, Aintitcool and IMDB for all of this lovely info


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Deal or No Man Of Steel?

Some news on the Superman front today. First things first Variety reports that Kevin Spacey will be returning as our favorite Rogain needing real estate scamming supervillian Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie tentitively called "Man Of Steel". So great news right? Well unfortunetly Bryan Singer made sure Spacey would come back before he pitched WB on making the sequel. Hollywood reporter talked with WB president Alan Horn who said "If we do a sequel to 'Superman,' we want it to be less expensive," followed by "the studio would be willing to spend as much as $175 million if the screenplay and other factors warranted it."
So already their saying the budget will be at least $25 million less than the reported $200 million Returns cost (though I think they spent quite a bit more), which kinda sucks because this movie is supposed to actually have action in it, unlike the mostly limp handshake that was Superman Returns. Don't get me wrong there's a few things I really liked about Returns, the plane sequence was sick, the CGI was great and Singer's direction was very epic in scope. Not only that I was very pleasently suprised by newcomer Brandon Routh. Yeah I know some people thought he looked more like Super Boy than Superman, but he obviously has the look (some age will do the boy good), and I really thought he embodied the nobility and kindness that Superman really needs.
Then there was what I really didn't like, namely the horribly horrible horrendous abomination of a script future Pergatory wanderers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris wrote. What's up with Emo-Superman? If I wanted to watch a movie about feelings I'd rent the Joy Luck Club. No one, I repeat NO ONE! Other than Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and Bryan Singer wanted to see WAWA! Superman. Yeah yeah, we all know Superman is pretty much invulnerable, so isn't it clever to make the conflict emotional instead of physical? NO NO NO it's not. F emotions, KRYPTONITE freaking hurts Superman, or at least it did until he gingerly picked up a mound of Kryptonite the size of freaking Texas! Superman isn't great because he can fly, or has super strength, he's great because while the rest of us createns would use his powers to take over the planet he chooses to fight for all of us. Even more so he's a hero because we are not his people, but he still protects us.
But mostly people go to a Superman movie to watch action, not date rape Superman (oh I know Super-kiss Superman 2 leave me alone) followed by creepy stalker Superman followed by deadbeat dad Superman. Thanks alot for putting Superman in that corner, great he has a freaking kid now! So we either need to suffer through Super-Brat or hope he dies to go back to the Superman we all know? Oh and BTW, Michael Dougherty is currently writing the "Man Of Steel" script.
Wow what a rant, either way all the actual news I got for this was from the Superman Homepage, which is really awesome I totally recommend checking it out, and all the ranting was from a year of stewing over Superman Returns. But it doesn't matter I really hope Man of Steel makes it out, and even more I hope to see Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris at the drive thru window next time I go to In-N-Out.


Monday, July 9, 2007

JJ Abrams Mystery Trailer!

Any of you who haven't seen Transformers (shame on you) should read no further unless you don't care about spoilers or have already seen the trailer for the new JJ Abrams project on the net which you can see here: Click Here For The Madness!!.

So now that we're all up to speed, it seems like this teaser is getting more attention then our favorite Toy Alien Robots, but don't feel too bad for ol' Optimus and Megatron, they still raked in $152.5 Mil domestically over the last seven days (a record for a non sequel, beating out old web head back in 2002). This JJ Abrahms trailer is currently under the moniker of "Cloverfield" though it's not the official title of the film. It appears that the movie is shot with handheld DV camera's, and the whole thing comes off as a kind of Blair Witch meets Independence Day thing (keep in mind the plot of the film is unknown, I just said Independence day because of the explosions). But to give a quick recap, a bunch of 20 somethings in NYC are having a party for a friend thats moving to Japan. Everyone's having fun when all of a sudden there's a loud noise and the apartment's shaking. The camera runs out to the balcony to see a huge explosion in the middle of Manhattan (Peter Petrelli I bet!) and then the big shocking Planet of the Apes reveal of the Statue of Liberty's head smashing to the ground below the apartment. All the while the same ominous noise in the background.

Call me crazy but I swear that's the black smoke from Lost making that noise! The only people I recognized from the trailer were Lizzy Caplan (she was Art Chick in TV's "The Class", oddly it got better as the season went on, and she was also in the show Related, the Movie Mean Girls as Lindsay Lohan's non-conformist friend, and I am proud to say she stalked Lana in 2 seasons of Smallville playing Tina Greer a shapeshifting krypofreak) and Mike Vogel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, remember the guy on the hook and the toes on the piano, yeah that's him, also I'd like to say the first movie set I ever worked on he was the star of the movie, nice guy, but wait a second, he also made out with a topless Anne Hathaway in Havoc, ok I HATE HIM NOW!) and that's the only people I actually know.
Click Here to look up the rest of the people, you lazy bastards.

So the new rumors on the net are that this project has something to do with a work, or the works, or works inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. But wait, I just read a letter JJ sent to Aint it cool (yeah I'm getting like all my info on this from there, I know I'm a big jerk) and he says at least this website Click Here For The Mundane!! has nothing to do with the project, but that there are hidden websites out there with clues and one has already been found Click Here for the Boring I swear one of those pictures looks like this porno I ACCIDENTALLY downloaded once.

Either way no one knows anything, maybe it has to do with LoveCraft and this Cthulhu stuff about "The Old One's" which are Gods that are like, old. Or maybe it's more "Let's wait a whole year to find out the Hatch is some dude's apartment" or "Ben's not an evil genius, he's the Benedict Arnold Dharma janitor" Who knows. We have till next year to see what unfolds, but as for now I'm just hoping that unlike Lost they have an idea where they're going with this thing.