Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seen Around LA: The Doctor?

We were on our way to E3 on Thursday and ended up behind a car with the greatest license plate ever!!!

Or perhaps that was the Tardis and it regained it's ability to blend into it's surroundings. Good trick Doctor, but we're onto you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Outside the Staples Center One Hour Before Game 7 of the NBA Finals

E3 ended just as the Lakers and Celtics were getting ready to play game 7 of the NBA Finals.

The LAPD was on hand to deal with the craziness and we got some photos of the scene before the game and before the Lakers win led to rioting. We can't imagine what would have happened if they lost!

Cops waiting for the Lakers Crowd

This parking lot is starting to look like a battle zone!

The streets were lined with police cars!

Go Lakers!

The Lakers crowd heads to the Staples Center (except that guy with the sign)

And this is why all those cops were outside the Staples Center:

All in all they did a good job of keeping the rioting from spreading. Way to protect and serve, LAPD!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

E3 - Another Day Another Set of Photos

The LA Convention Center has been geek central this week!

Check out the 2 cameras on the 3DS (the third one is inside)!

Much like the new Daleks, the Nintendo 3DS comes in many pretty colors.

Ooooh I can almost see the 3D from here!

Dave has been preparing for this since 1997!

Some early Kinect games.We had a lot of fun with the rafting one!

Kinect wants AnnaMay and Dave to know how silly they look having fun!

Hey AnnaMay, Dave takes your RPG and raises you a Splatterhouse!

We had another great day at E3, wish it could go on for the rest of the week!

(Luckily we were able to get out of downtown LA before the Lakers madness got too crazy)

Keep checking back, we'll have a full E3 photo page up some time this weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Geek World Goes Gaming at E3 2010

Wow, it's almost like those Halo guys are statues...

The Kinect will force us to finally get an XBOX 360

I wish they'd let us ride the Tron Lightcycle!

Sexy booth babes are never forsaken in Geek World

We played Marvel vs Capcom 3, AnnaMay won!

Hooray, it's Mr. Bubbles!

Look out Dave, they gave AnnaMay a rocket launcher!

We had a blast at E3 today and there's still another day to go!

Keep checking back, we'll have a full E3 photo page up some time this weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Promo For Thursdays Show!


This week we're reviewing the big screen remake of The A-Team, and discussing other TV to Film remakes past and present, tune in this Thursday at noon (PST) on

No More Excuse to Keep Your N64 Hooked Up, New GOLDENEYE!!!!!!

Goldeneye 007 Trailer @ Yahoo! Video

Oh E3, you're like videogame Christmas, except you last for more than one day! From Yahoo

While Nintendo certainly made waves with its other announcements, the coming of a new GoldenEye rivals them all.
With an emphasis on multiplayer (the real hallmark of GoldenEye), the new effort boasts 40 different characters, 5 maps, 3 basic modes and 16 modifiers that will purportedly let gamers create over 500 different kinds of multiplayer games. It will also be playable online with up to 8 players and include some sort of experience system rewarding online play

Goldeneye was the first game that made me consider skipping school just to play it. When I went to college, and N64s were no longer the big fish, it still came along with me just because EVERYONE played Goldeneye!

Daniel Craig's Bond has replaced Pierce Brosnan in the game, which makes sense considering he's the new Bond, and since there's a good chance it will be years before you see another Bond film due to the slow downfall of MGM, I have no problem with Craig being in the new Goldeneye (especially because frankly by the time they make a new movie he may no longer be Bond).

Expect to see Goldeneye hitting shelves this holiday season, only for Wii

Just kidding, I'm never unhooking my N64. As if!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Supernatural Anime

picture via ign

So we love us some Supernatural (even if we were pretty underwhelmed with the season finale this year), but a Supernatural anime? This just seems kinda strange.

MADHOUSE, the anime studio behind projects like Death Note and Vampire D is producing Supernatural: The Animation, which will be comprised of a 22-episode season that will cover the storyline of the first two years of the live-action series. However, while some episodes will remake episodes from the original series, other stories will be brand new, and include, "prologues of the Winchester brothers' childhood, anime-only enemies, and episodes featuring secondary characters from the live-action version."
Supernatural: The Animation will be released on DVD in Japan starting with the first volume on January 12th

Supernatural has a huge scope, anime like story arc so I'm not worried that it won't be a good translation, my main concern is the music. The soundtrack to Supernatural is 70's rock like AC/DC and Blue Oyster Cult, so I'm a little afraid of anime Sam and Dean fighting the Hook Man with J-POP in the background. Of course by the time it gets to America we'll be lucky if the music isn't replaced with rap! (ala DB:GT)

Since this will be an anime version, expect the demons to be a lot hornier (and I don't mean actually having horns, though they might) with long gross tenticles that, believe me, you don't want to see where they've been (or where they're going)! Also, maybe the Colt and the Demon killing knife will be merged into some sweet Final Fantasy evil killing gun sword? One can only hope!