Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No More Excuse to Keep Your N64 Hooked Up, New GOLDENEYE!!!!!!

Goldeneye 007 Trailer @ Yahoo! Video

Oh E3, you're like videogame Christmas, except you last for more than one day! From Yahoo

While Nintendo certainly made waves with its other announcements, the coming of a new GoldenEye rivals them all.
With an emphasis on multiplayer (the real hallmark of GoldenEye), the new effort boasts 40 different characters, 5 maps, 3 basic modes and 16 modifiers that will purportedly let gamers create over 500 different kinds of multiplayer games. It will also be playable online with up to 8 players and include some sort of experience system rewarding online play

Goldeneye was the first game that made me consider skipping school just to play it. When I went to college, and N64s were no longer the big fish, it still came along with me just because EVERYONE played Goldeneye!

Daniel Craig's Bond has replaced Pierce Brosnan in the game, which makes sense considering he's the new Bond, and since there's a good chance it will be years before you see another Bond film due to the slow downfall of MGM, I have no problem with Craig being in the new Goldeneye (especially because frankly by the time they make a new movie he may no longer be Bond).

Expect to see Goldeneye hitting shelves this holiday season, only for Wii

Just kidding, I'm never unhooking my N64. As if!


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