Friday, March 18, 2011


Photo via Superhero Hype

Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome.

We're really happy about this look! Adrianne Palicki looks like Diana from the comic! The costume is a great meld of the classic comic costume, the 70's TV costume, and the new comic version with pants (replacing the weird black slacks)! Wow, this is now a fashion blog.

Magic Lasso, check! Bullet deflecting Silver Bracelets, check! Deadly throwable Tiarra, check! Super hot Wonder Woman, check!!!!!

NBC... Between Wonder Woman and Jason Ritter: Action Dork, We're really starting to like you again!


(Now we want to see an invisible jet!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Week's Show: Bruce Wayne Returns to a Battle in Los Angeles with Yogi Bear!

On this week's Geek World we'll be joined in the studio by Darkubus Rybar to review the newest in a long line of alien movies coming to the multiplex this year, Battle: Los Angeles. Also we're going back in time to discuss Grant Morrison's epic comic series Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne.

We'll also test our tolerance for pain by reviewing the mentally challenged Yogi Bear, unfortunately coming soon to DVD. All this and we'll talk about the season finale of An Idiot Abroad, the new comic Batman: Incorporated and much more!

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