Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Just Got Served by the Justice League!!!

Have you ever thought to yourself "Hey I wonder what the world would be like if we had superheroes and instead of saving the day they would just sing and dance?" Well thanks to a Brazilian singing group? Dance troupe? Cult? from the 1970s you don't just have to imagine the possibility!

It's like Spider-Man and Thor joined the Justice League to fight the new Legion of Doom, lead by the Village People

Things we learned from this video:
1) Putting nipples on the batsuit is not the worst thing you could have done to Batman
2) Watch Thor dance at 1:37, now we know why he had weak chemistry with Jane Foster in Thor
3) I'm pretty sure Chris Brown stole his dance moves from Robin

(BTW, thanks for not making Wonder Woman suffer the indignity of participating in the 2nd video)

So... yeah... that happened... and we were kind enough to share it with you!

By the way, this is how The Justice League Stomps the Yard of the Hall of Justice in the 2000s:

Looks like we found the plot for Step Up 5!

And for those of you who think your kid's World of Warcraft addiction is bad:

It could be a lot worse.

Friday, March 9, 2012


For all of you depressed over the fact that you'll never see a bonafide Marvel vs. DC fight on the big screen, some awesome genie fanboy on youtube created these shorts of Superman vs Hulk! It's cool to see the evolution of the animation, but if you can only watch one, make it the 3rd one (Superman vs Hulk-The Fight part 2) the animation is so freaky we think the director is a benevolent necromancer that resurrected Christopher Reeve to PWN our favorite green rage monster!

For those of you too young to remember, in 1996 the DC Versus Marvel Comics crossover pitted Supes vs The Hulk first, with the fans voting on the winners.

SPOILER ALERT- Supes beats Hulk like he's a scrawny Nuclear physicist!

Later they fought in 1999

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quantic Dream's Short Film "Kara"

In the last few years the once unthinkable question of "Are video games better than movies?" has been seriously considered by more than just fanboys. Quantic Dream, the developers of the uber-awesome-creepy-scary Heavy Rain have made an uber-awesome-disturbing-toching sci-fi short film called Kara written and directed by David Cage. Can we nominate this for best animated short? Check it out it's amazing!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Week's Show!

On this week's show we'll get trapped in two realities with the pilot episode of NBC's new schizophrenic  psychological drama Awake. Also it's one for all and all for one when we review the soon to be released dvd for The Three Musketeers. Plus we'll take a look at the post-apocalyptic new season of BBC's Being Human. All this an much more so be sure to tune in.

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Giant Dancing Oreo Cookie!

We had the pleasure of indulging in Oreo's 100 year Anniversary at the Grove!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hollywood Has Gone To The Dogs! Geek World Photoshop Fun!

AnnaMay thinks after the inevitable success of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, his next movie will definitely be... Bark Shadows!