Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Real Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus!

This is a really awesome video if you can get past the insanely annoying voice over. (The fight starts at around the 1:40 mark)

This is what happens when sharks and octopi stop being polite and start getting real!

If only Deborah Gibson were here to save us all!

THE THING Ditches the Fantastic Four, Finds a New Family at ABC!

ABC picked up a new super-hero drama pilot called No Ordinary Family,

starring Michael Chiklis (The Shield) -  a drama about a family with amazing new abilities. Besides Chiklis, the series also stars Julie Benz (Dexter) and Tate Donovan (Damages).

Not sure if this family took a trip up to space and got bombarded with cosmic rays, but since it looks very unlikely that Heroes will return, maybe this show will pick up the reigns, and have an amazingly huge first season, followed by a cataclysmic downfall one season later...Shoulders of Giants!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Andy Rooney Reminds Us All That He's Really, Really Old

To be fair, to all you kids who might not know who Andy Rooney is, he's known as one of the greatest satirists of his generation. That being said, was the best topic he could come up with this week "Look how embarrassingly out of touch I am? (Why am I still allowed on TV?)" Hey it isn't a total loss for Andy, somewhere within his Statler and Waldorf routine he proved he's not completely out of the know, he has heard of Sting before...and The Rolling Stones!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


In tribute to Mother's Day, we put together a list of the Top Super-Mom's of Geekdom!

8-7) Chi-Chi and Bulma (from Dragon Ball Z)
Image via TheGeekReview

Chi-Chi's a princess from a mountain that was literally engulfed in flames until a strange boy named Goku distinguished said flames with a Kamehameha blast. Ever since that day Chi-Chi made it her mission to marry Goku, and many years later they wed and she gave birth to two Super Saiyan hybrids Gohan and Goten. Gohan saved the world a few times before he hit 13, and Goten became a Super Saiyan faster than any Saiyan before. Bulma's the smartest/richest girl on the planet, she invented the Dragon Radar to find Dragon Balls, and later on had a child with the formally evil Saiyan Prince Vegeta, named Trunks (as well as a daughter named...wait for it...Bra!). In an alternate Post-Androidalyptic Future, Bulma invents a time machine to send Trunks into the past to save Goku from a heart disease, and to stop evil space overlord Freeza from destroying the Earth. Though none of this really makes any sense, all you need to know is the Earth is constantly in peril, and thanks to these two super mom's, there's generations of Super-Saiyans available to save it!

6) Mrs. Incredible (From The Incredibles)

Formerly known as Elastigirl, this wonder mom is at the center of the Pixar family super hero team, holding the family together through tremendous battles and boring suburban life. While Mr. Incredible was going through his midlife crisis running into burning buildings, she was back home holding down the fort, and when they all needed to get to the city in time to stop a huge killer robot, she became a giant glider whisking her family safely into the danger zone!

5) Lady Jessica (From Dune)
Image Property of Universal Pictures

Half sexy milf, half super powered space ninja, Lady Jessica was part of the Bene Gesserit in Dune, which was basically a bunch of intergalactic Super Nuns (Though they could totally have sex). She was married to Duke Leto Atreides and told under no circumstances to bore him a son (yeah the Bene Gesserit's can control that kind of thing). Well she loved Leto too much, and he wanted a son, so she gave birth to Paul Atreides, who would later become the Kwisatz Haderach, which is sorta like a Kunfu Jesus who can see into the future. Because of her training Paul is able to take over the universe! (Whoa that's way better than the piano lessons my mom got me!)

4) Aunt May (From Spider-Man)
Image Property of Marvel

Though not officially a mother, Aunt May is one of the most important matriarichal characters in comic book history. The seeminly immortal senior citizen has been the moral beacon for Peter Parker through his entire tenure as Spidey, and though Spider-Man's marriage to MJ was sacraficed to save May, who knows what kind of man Peter Parker would have ended up being if it wasen't for her altruistic guidence.

3) Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman (From The Fantastic Four)

Image Property of Marvel

One of comics first career driven, self-reliant female's, Sue started off as an actress who accompanied her boyfriend (Reed Richards) and brother (Johnny Storm) on a trip  to space.  A few doses of cosmic rays later, she became a Super Hero (The Invisible Woman), and was the first heroine in comics to get married (to Reed Richards in Fantastic Four Annual #3). After she had her first baby (Franklin), she was also the first super hero to take maternity leave.  Though her 2nd pregnancy initially ended in stillbirth, luckily the child existed in another dimension thanks to Franklin, and with the aid of Doctor Doom acting as some sort of diabolical Midwife, she gave birth to her 2nd child Valeria. She also lead the Fantastic Four for a while when it seemed like Mr. Fantastic was dead, beating up super villains and rejecting Namor's bad pickup lines. Sue makes the list because their are no other 2 children in any fictional world that can boast that their mother can both turn invisible and took over a Eastern European Country (Latveria)!

2) Ma Kent (From Superman)
image via KCWI23

Whether named Martha or Sarah, or married to Jonathan or Eben, Mrs. Kent was always there for her boy Clark. Superman has many incarnations through vast mediums, but in pretty much all of them Superman's mom is always a flight away and always helps the God among men make the right choice. Her and her husbands one decision to raise the peculiar little boy they found in a crater is a monument to all other fictional kind hearted humans who bring out the Super in the Heroes.

1) Sarah Connor (From the Terminator franchise)
Image via Gamespot

Immortalized by Linda Hamilton first meekly in Terminator, and then menacingly in T2, Sarah Connor will always be the top mom of Geekdom. Why you ask? Well Sarah Connor is sort of like the Virgin Mary, if the Virgin Mary carried a 12 gauge autoloader and killed evil robots from the future. Mother of the future, and also of humanity, she got busy with her future sons best friend who was sent to the past to save his friend by knocking up his friends mom and thus becoming his dad. Well it all seems less confusing, and creepy, when you see the movies!