Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For all you Skyrim lovers

Sometimes when your playing Skyrim, you just get annoyed by the NPC's... (especially Lydia)

Got these videos from this awesome list of video game moments from 2011 on Gameranx

This Week's Show!

On this week's show we'll strap up our snow boots to review the soon to be released on DVD The Thing, and take a look at Hollywood's obsession with prequels and reboots. Then we'll get our pants scared off by the recently released on DVD Paranormal Activity 3, and talk about some of our favorite found footage films.

Then we'll syncronize our arm clocks for the soon to be released on DVD Justin Timberlake diss-topian movie Waste of Time In Time, and we'll take down Umbrella by talking about the trailers for the upcoming movie Resident Evil: Retribution and the next game in the survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 6.

All this and we'll talk about this year's Oscar nominations and review the Season Premieres of Justified and An Idiot Abroad.

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