Friday, July 8, 2011

Geek World's Anime Expo 2011 Video!!!!

Here's a video of our zany adventures at the Anime Expo, showcasing a lot of the really great cosplay!

Click here for a Bigger Version

We got so much amazing footage that we'll try to make a 2nd video showing the rest of the awesome stuff we saw. Check back in the next few days for another video, part 2 of our photos from day 3 and the full photo album (give us a little on this one, we took hundreds of photos!!!) CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTO ALBUM IN PROGRESS.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

AnnaMay and Dave Cosplay at Anime Expo 2011

** UPDATE: We have a few pages of the photo album up now! Click here to check it out! **

We cosplayed as Bulma and "Badman" Vegeta from DBZ on Sunday!

AnnaMay made these costumes in less than 2 days, Rock The Dragon!

Vegeta Shake Weight Video

If you were the Prince of All Saiyans how would you work out? Shake Weight, of course!

Vegeta never stops training, even at the 2011 Anime Expo!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Week's Show: 2011 Anime Expo!

On this week's show we'll talk about our adventures at the 2011 Anime Expo. We'll discuss all the cool cosplay and crazy stuff we saw at the expo, and give you some tips to enhance your cosplay experience. Also we decided to try out some of the animes we've seen cosplayed a lot this year, so we'll discuss the very popular Durarara!! and the very naughty Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt!

We'll also spend some time reviewing the soon to be released on DVD Rango and Arthur, and talk about the treasure which is the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta!

Listen to Geek World this Thursday and Friday at 12 am/pm (PST) on

Anime Expo 2011- Day 3 Photos Pt.1!

Here's the first part of our day 3 photos!

The Vocaloids make singing look so cool, we're finally embarrassed by our Hammer pants!

Watch out Naruto, Sasuke's newly formed group looks really tough

Master Chief makes sure you respect flag day

All the hidden villages up in here

Don't know what their from, but nice costumes!

AnnaMay quickly ran to this cosplayer and wrote Dave's name on the paper, not cool AnnaMay, not cool at all!

AnnaMay says Mew Mew is about Magic Cats. Is it like that weird Egyptian cat that made Halle Berry Catwoman? I freaking hate magic cats!

Hey look Cloud Strife (I'm way to busy coming up with obscene huge sword jokes to write anything remotely funny)

There really aren't enough anime comedies about WWII

This picture is 1,000 times more viewable than The Super Mario Bros. movie

Black Rock Shooter fans hate escalators (it's a fact, look it up)

Ezio hunts his quarry at the Anime Expo

Marik and Yugi stop fighting long enough to bust a move

Taking this picture made Dave feel like a Stalker, a Darkstalker, HA!!!!!

We've still got Part 2 of Day 3 photos to post, plus the full photo album and videos, keep checking back for more!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Anime Expo 2011- Day 2 Photos!

Here's some pics from Day 2!

What's in the box??? It's Princesses Peach and Daisy

Capcom Vs Capcom

Solid Snake, the most badass senior citizen ever!

Sailor Akatsuki!

X-23 fills Deadpool in on her "Point" of view

Jill Valentine shows off an optimal zombie killing ensemble

Aperture Labs shows up at the expo

Rock Lee and the Nine Tails show off their Nice Guy pose!

The Master of Magnetism causes trouble for all the non-mutants at the Expo

Thankfully the only Twilight cosplay at the Expo was Zelda: Twilight Princess

Trunks is like Marty McFly, if Marty had Super Powers and didn't almost do it with his mom

Usopp shops for new Pirate weapons

We've seen a lot of Zabuza and Kisame cosplay, but Chojuro? Awesome!

River song warns us all of Spoilers

Apparently this is the only Pakun the Ninja dog cosplayer in the continental US!

We've seen a lot of princesses at the Expo, but only a few Princes, especially of Tennis

I wish my school teachers had been Leaf Jonin
*Kurenai cosplaer: Sasha

We've got another day of photos, video and much more coming up from the Anime Expo, keep checking back for more!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anime Expo 2011- Day 1 Photos!

Here's a select few photos from day 1 of the Anime Expo in LA!

Yoko is a great cosplay costume!

There's a few Durarara!! fans at the expo this year.

Deadpool shows off his Hyper Combo while breaking the 4th wall

The crew of the Going Merry look for the One Piece at the convention

Mars is attacking! Someone call President Jack Nicholson!

The Ouran High School Host Club doesn't mess around

Baby Doll escapes the Asylum to make it to the Expo

Gurren Lagaan's Simon and Kamina, possibly looking for Yoko

Sachiel proves the History Channel was right! Angels and Aliens are the same thing!

Vegeta ensures if Goku doesn't finish training soon, the convention will end very early

Spike and Jet looking for bounties

Now if he can only find a green and yellow plant

Sailor Venus, Jupiter and Mars hang out with Tuxedo Kamen

Bioshock's Splicer showcases why Individualism might not be the best social agenda

Good thing for Ash and Misty there's a ton of free roaming Pokemon at the Anime Expo

Amaterasu paints the convention red

Where the Hell is that Butler?

Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Silvia pose for some pics

Haruko Haruhara prepares to whack a meteor with her guitar

Vocaloids J-Pop the house!

What anime is she from?

Optimus hides from embarrassing reviews of Transformers 3 at the Anime Expo

We got alot more pictures and will continue shooting as the expo goes on! Keep checking back and have a happy 4th of July!