Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anime Expo 2011- Day 1 Photos!

Here's a select few photos from day 1 of the Anime Expo in LA!

Yoko is a great cosplay costume!

There's a few Durarara!! fans at the expo this year.

Deadpool shows off his Hyper Combo while breaking the 4th wall

The crew of the Going Merry look for the One Piece at the convention

Mars is attacking! Someone call President Jack Nicholson!

The Ouran High School Host Club doesn't mess around

Baby Doll escapes the Asylum to make it to the Expo

Gurren Lagaan's Simon and Kamina, possibly looking for Yoko

Sachiel proves the History Channel was right! Angels and Aliens are the same thing!

Vegeta ensures if Goku doesn't finish training soon, the convention will end very early

Spike and Jet looking for bounties

Now if he can only find a green and yellow plant

Sailor Venus, Jupiter and Mars hang out with Tuxedo Kamen

Bioshock's Splicer showcases why Individualism might not be the best social agenda

Good thing for Ash and Misty there's a ton of free roaming Pokemon at the Anime Expo

Amaterasu paints the convention red

Where the Hell is that Butler?

Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Silvia pose for some pics

Haruko Haruhara prepares to whack a meteor with her guitar

Vocaloids J-Pop the house!

What anime is she from?

Optimus hides from embarrassing reviews of Transformers 3 at the Anime Expo

We got alot more pictures and will continue shooting as the expo goes on! Keep checking back and have a happy 4th of July!

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Ned said...

Thank you for the awesome picture guys! It was great running into you two at Comic-Con 2011 this year.

~Nader (Spike)