Friday, October 1, 2010

They Waited Until Now!?!?! Medal of Honor Finally Takes the Taliban Out of Multiplayer Mode!

Wait you mean they finally realized that this might be a bad idea? Did someone at EA leave their underground bunker and talk to an actual human being perhaps? From Yahoo:

Facing pressure from military groups and the families of soldiers killed in action, game publisher EA has opted to remove the Taliban as a playable side in the war shooter's multiplayer modes. 
Executive producer Greg Goodrich explained that while the "majority of feedback has been overwhelmingly positive," they've also received "feedback from friends and families of fallen soldiers who have expressed concern over the inclusion of the Taliban in the multiplayer portion of our game."
With that in mind, the developers have removed the terrorist group from the game's multiplayer, instead renaming them "Opposing Force."
I mean this had bad idea written all over it since the beginning. We just made fun of this on the promo for this weeks show! It's called Medal of Honor! Was honor meant to be ironic? Was this a parody created by Mel Brooks? If the game didn't make any money would they make more of a profit like The Producers? Did they find a burned-out hippy to play Bin Ladin? Please someone tell me why they thought this would fly???

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Promo for Thursday's Show! We Get an Easy A on Our Fall Video Game Special!!!

On This weeks show we'll be reviewing the new comedy Easy A, and we'll be discussing all of the must have video games of this fall and of 2011! Tune in this Thursday and Friday at noon (PST) on