Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Human Target Casting Award Continues...

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We updated our Human Target Casting Award Episode List

Special thanks to Moon Bloodgood for being born!

Resident Evil: Afterlife Teaser!!!!!!

Resident Evil: Afterlife is one of our most anticipated (actual) 3D movies. Hopefully everyone feeling screwed after Clash of the Titans won't write this one off cause it looks BOSS!!!! The Executioner and Wesker look totally awesome, but my favorite part is the card at the beginning that clarifies that this movie was shot with the 3D Fusion Camera's James Cameron and Vince Pace created for Avatar. Good for Sony for making sure people realize there's a difference between Avatar technology and paying a company $5 million to slap together a terrible 3D print of a 2D movie!

BTW, Ali Larter in slow-motion in the rain...Thank you very much Mr. Anderson!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Crass of the Titans

Clash of the Titans Remake
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So yeah, if you listened to yesterday's show we tried our best to clarify the difference between movies shot in 3D and those converted into 3D. Our worry is that natively shot (and amazing looking) 3D movies like Avatar and the upcoming Tron: Legacy and Resident Evil: Afterlife could be hurt by people seeing badly converted 3D films like Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans and they will get sick of 3D before the ones that are shot natively are released.  We were worried that Clash was going to look bad because they only had a few weeks to make the conversion. Apparently...we were right

From Yahoo

The LA Times notes: "It's doubtful that records are kept about this sort of thing, but consider the possibility that 'Clash of the Titans' is the first film to actually be made worse by being in 3D."

The Chicago Sun-Times' Roger Ebert, who gave the film a positive three out of four stars, has a piece of advice for moviegoers this weekend. "Explain to kids that the movie was not filmed in 3D and is only being shown in 3D in order to charge you an extra $5 a ticket. I saw it in 2D, and let me tell you, it looked terrific."

Ouch!!!!! We'll sometimes Mr. Gekko, Greed is not Good!

That being said the movie will still probably do well, even if it's "2-D in select theaters"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lost Citizen Kane Footage Found?

Geekin has just unearthed this never before seen footage from Citizen Kane!
Mwahaaa Rosebud!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


All you sucka's who thought the Resident Evil movies weren't enough like the games, TAKE THIS!!!!!!!


Alice and Claire Redfield!!


THIS HAPPENED IN RE5!!!!!!! Wesker throwing his shades at Chris Redfield (and Jill Valentine in RE5) as he begins his Kunfu Uroboros Attack!!!! Yeah Wentworth Miller!!!


I almost died of AWESOME seeing this!!! I mean if you only played the demo to RE5 you've seen this guy!!!


This is a screen shot from RE5!!!!

We've talked on the show about the fact that what happens to Jill Valentine in RE5 after being injected with the Uroboros virus seems like a nod to the Alice character in the movies. Looks like things have come full circle...and in 3D!!!!!!

Photos Property of Capcom

Also, how awesome does Shawn Roberts look as Wesker??

I don't even like the first 3 all that much, BUT I CAN"T WAIT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!

(release date:  September 10, 2010)

Go Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Touched Scarlett Johansson at 7-11!!


Iron Man 2 has invaded 7-11!!! We just picked up some Iron Man 2 Slurpee's and I can't stop drinking Scarlett Johansson! Annamay's drinking War Machine, and we're pulling straws to decide who drinks Mickey Rourke, Sin City or not we feel it's a dubious venture!

Annamay's starting to consider having me commited, apparently it's not "normal" to drink out of the same cup,  day after day, adding new beverages, and never washing said cup. I say it's not "normal" to wash away the Scarlett, and furthermore why is she all of the sudden watching Hotel Rwanda over and over again saying "He's just so good...He's just so good...", what's that all about?

Thank you 7-11! Not since Isaac Mizrahi at the 2006 Golden Globe awards has Scarlett Johansson been this manhandled!

Thank You Iron Man 2!

Monday, March 29, 2010

No Rest for the Geekin!!!


Who's that person over there?
Who's that person sleeping in my chair?
Who's that person over there, sleeping in my chair, by that BEAR?!?!?!

-The Artist Currently Known as Geekin