Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anime Expo 2011- Naruto Photos!

We had a great first day at the Anime Expo. We saw lots of amazing cosplay, and took literally hundreds of pics! We wanted to start off with a few of our favorite Naruto photos!

Leaf Village Shinobi (current and former) rock the Anime Expo!

Naruto and Sasuke take some time off fighting over the fate of the ninja world to pose

Sure Gaara looks cool, but he better clean up all the sand he left on the expo floor!

The Ataksuki pick the perfect place to hunt for the eight tails

Kakashi gets Madara to join the Jiraiya Book Club

The Fourth Hokage protects the convention

Itachi flexes his muscles using the Susano-o

Itachi traps us in a Genjutsu

Sakura's terrible at making Shadow Clones!

Kakashi prepares to fight

Are you going to be at the expo this weekend?  If you see us, say hi!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Historical Fiction With Geek World

Hollywood's recent obsession with historical fiction has us pondering what's next. Listen to this segment from this week's show when we give some pitches for the next big historical fiction movies. Plus check out the posters for the movies below!

Chew Casting According to the Creators!

When we were at the Chew Panel at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon (Click here for all 5 parts of the panel) John Layman and Rob Guillory took some time to talk about the deal with Showtime to adapt the comic. Check out the videos to hear about the upcoming TV series and who John and Rob would like to see cast:

Chew Panel Pt. 3

Ken Leung as Tony Chu- at 5:50 of Chew Panel Pt. 3

Felicia Day as Amelia Mintz- at 6:30 of Chew Panel Pt. 3

Chew Panel Pt. 4

Josh Holloway as John Colby- at 12:11 of Chew Panel Pt. 4

Brendan Gleeson as Mason Savoy- at 12:19 of Chew Panel Pt. 4

You can see the entire panel HERE

On this Weeks Show! We're Infamous!

On this week's episode of Geek World we struggle with being the hero or the villain while reviewing the super powered PS3 release Infamous 2. Then we run in horror of the True Blood season 4 premiere while sticking it to the man with the 4th season premiere of Leverage. Plus we'll let the dogs out with our review of FX's doglerious (yeah we wrote that!) new comedy Wilfred, and talk about our special screening of the rocking indy documentary, The Wrecking Crew!

All this and a Geek World special segment of historical proportions you just have to tune in for (because it's totally freaking awesome)!!!

Listen to this week's episode of Geek World, Thursday and Friday at 12 am/pm on