Saturday, February 4, 2012

If Geeks Created the Super Bowl!

This is all we'll be thinking about during tomorrow's game! If only Super Bowl XLII took place in Skyrim!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sports Comedy - Interviews

Here's a few clips from 2 interviews we did that include some funny anecdotes about the making of some of our favorite sports comedies. 2 of the clips are from our 2009 interview with Michael Papajohn, who was Adam Sandler's stunt man in Waterboy, and played one of the guards in The Longest Yard.

Then we have a funny story about Charlie Sheen during the making of Major League from our 2011 interview with Corbin Bernsen.

Michael Papajohn - The Waterboy Clip

Michael Papajohn - The Longest Yard Clip

Corbin Bernsen - Major League Charlie Sheen Clip

For more sports goodness, check out our interview with Actor/LA Laker Rick Fox from last years Comic-Con.

Sports Comedy - Little Giants

In celebration of our Sports Comedies show that's in celebration of this weekend's big game, here's 2 examples of the universe coming full circle.

First, the 1992 McDonald's Super Bowl commercial that inspired the movie Little Giants, followed by a video of a real NFL game where one of the teams used a play inspired by Little Giants!!!

McDonald's Commercial that inspired Little Giants:

Little Giants trick play "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" used in a real football game:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Week's Show - Sports Comedy!

On this week's show we'll lace up our cleats, put on our helmets, and dribble down the ice for a home run of a show! In preparation for this weekend's big game (or rather a really expensive series of commercials interrupted by some dudes throwing around a ball) we decided to chronicle some of the great (and not so great) sports comedy movies of the last few decades! From The Longest Yard and Bad News Bears to Blades of Glory and Kung Fu Dunk we'll explore the funny world of athletics and the rag tag bunches of misfits that made us wish we were part of the team!

Listen to Geek World, this Thursday and Friday at Noon (PST) on Indie 100, and Fridays at 6pm (PST) on The Point Radio. For all our show times CLICK HERE.