Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sports Comedy - Interviews

Here's a few clips from 2 interviews we did that include some funny anecdotes about the making of some of our favorite sports comedies. 2 of the clips are from our 2009 interview with Michael Papajohn, who was Adam Sandler's stunt man in Waterboy, and played one of the guards in The Longest Yard.

Then we have a funny story about Charlie Sheen during the making of Major League from our 2011 interview with Corbin Bernsen.

Michael Papajohn - The Waterboy Clip

Michael Papajohn - The Longest Yard Clip

Corbin Bernsen - Major League Charlie Sheen Clip

For more sports goodness, check out our interview with Actor/LA Laker Rick Fox from last years Comic-Con.

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