Friday, July 3, 2009

Geek World's Been Tweeting

That's right folks, we finally started up a Twitter page!! Follow us:

We'll definitely try to tweet as much as possible later in the month when we hit Comic-Con.

Also the website has been slightly updated (sorry for the slow construction, I am currently re-learning web editing and it's not exactly a talent of mine). The archive has been updated slightly with the Michael Papajohn interviews. They take a while to download so please be patient.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Magical Guilty Pleasure

Geek World has a new guilty pleasure! We are getting such a kick out of Merlin on NBC! This UK import is a fun take on Camelot and the main characters are absolutely endearing! By the way Buffy's Anthony Head plays the father of a teenage Arthur. If everyone's favorite Watcher isn't enough the guest stars have already included some of our other favorite geeky shows: Eve Myles (from Torchwood) and Michelle Ryan (you probably know her from your attempt to watch last year's Bionic Woman, but we found our love for her in Jekyll which you all must see).

Merlin is currently playing on Sundays on NBC so let's hope it sticks around (and even better that it goes to another season)!