Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ghost Adventures Interviews!

At Comic-Con this year we got to have some spooky interviews with 2 of the stars of Ghost Adventures, Nick Groff (Investigator/host) and Aaron Goodwin (cameraman/Equipment Technician). We talk to them about fighting ghosts, being haunted and what ghost movies are most accurate to real-life paranormal activity!

At 2:33 Nick talks about coming face to face with a ghost

At 2:37 Aaron talks about a Ghost taking over his body!

You can catch Ghost Adventures every Friday at 9 E/P on the Travel Channel

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Week's Show!

On this week's show AnnaMay and Dave traveled to the East Coast and spent some time in Rochester, NY checking out the geeky fun of Roc-Con and reveling in the video game bonanza that is the The Strong Museum of Play's eGame Revolution!

We'll also continue our reviews of newly premiered fall shows like the T-Rex time traveling confusarama Terra Nova, and the big brother is pwning you action show Person of Interest. We'll also review the dish best served cold drama Revenge, 60's airplane fetish program Pan Am and the would-be-more-watchable-as-a-porno disgrace which is Charlie's Angels.

We're continuing our review of DC's all new 52 reboot, letting you know what the best and worst of last weeks comics were. From Batman and Catwoman getting freaky while Nightwing's at the Circus, to Red Hood and the Outlaws, where Starfire and Speedy get... well freaky, we'll talk about all the action, drama and sex of last weeks new 52.

All this and we're happily checking out the return of 2 of our favorite shows, Supernatural and Nikita!

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