Saturday, June 9, 2012

E3 2012 Photos - Day 2 Part 1

This year's E3 was so much fun and now that the expo is over we finally have a chance to get some photos up! Here are some pics we took day 2 of the event:

Watch out, there's a Hitman hiding on the stairs!

The 2K Booth.

Borderlands 2 statue.

Borderlands 2 statue.

Spec Ops: The Line display.

Assassin's Creed 3 banner.

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect.

Even Zombies like to play Pacman.

The Namco Bandai booth had a mini arcade for us to play in.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 car.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 car.

Skarlet, Liu Kang, and Kitana from Mortal Kombat are looking for a fight.

How do I get Snoop as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

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Be sure to check back, we'll be putting more photos of this year's E3 up soon!

Friday, June 8, 2012

E3 2012 Photos - Day 1

We had a great time checking out all the great games at E3 and now that the expo is over we finally have a chance to get some photos up! Here are some pics we got day 1 of the event:

Medal of Honor banner outside the LA Convention Center.

Sweet Tooth and Nate Drake get ready to compete in Play Station All Stars: Battle Royale!

Jill Valentine had better watch out that she doesn't end up like Kitana.

Not even Kratos can convince Fat Princess to share her cake.

Kratos and Sweet Tooth are ready to battle!

It's all fun and games...

...until Sweet Tooth tries to steal some cake from Fat Princess!

Nate Drake, Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, Sly Cooper, Jill Valentine, and Mileena!

Nariko, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, and Nate Drake fight for Playstation supremacy!

Kratos waits for his chance to play.

God of War: Ascension booth.

Statue of Kratos.

Statue of Kratos.

Welcome to Nintendo Land!

It looks like everyone wants to go to Nintendo Land.

Nintendo Land is a magical place.

More Nintendo Land decoration!

In Nintendo Land, Takamaru's Ninja Castle lets you throw Ninja Stars in public (and not get arrested this time)

Control guide for Luigi's Ghost Mansion in Nintendo Land.

The Nintendo Booth.

A closer Look at the Nintendo Booth.

Halo 4 banner.

The Warthog from Halo 4.

Another view of the Warthog from Halo 4.

Majesco shows off their new game, NBA Baller Beats!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 bus.

We Are Tekken!

Be sure to check back, we'll be putting more photos of this year's E3 up soon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Week's Show

On this week's show we're checking out some new and upcoming DVD's, including the deliriously difficult to watch Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence, the head scratching silliness of John Carter and the "why are we watching this, we're not 10"-ness of Journey 2: Mysterious Island. Also we'll discuss the finale of the second season of Game of Thrones and we finally bothered to see Battleship.

We'll also give you a preview of the start of this year's E3! Including some of the stuff we played at the Wii-U booth, all in preparation for next week's huge E3 episode.

All this and more on Geek World this Thursday and Friday at Noon (PST) on Indie 100, with replays throughout the week on The Point.

More Phoenix Comicon Photos

We're still working hard to get up photos from the 2012 Phoenix Comicon. Here's another batch:

Jiraiya better watch out, Cammy is no Pichi Pichi girl!

Gaara, please don't use Sand Coffin on us!

Kakuzu seems to have stolen The Avengers' hearts.

The Dalek girls are coming to exterminate us.

Best Doctor Who Cosplay EVER: It's Craig with Stormageddon!

Dragon Tales meets Kingdom Hearts.

It's a steam punk werewolf hunter!

I hope Misa isn't planning to write our names in her Death Note!

Right after this picture was taken the King of all Cosmos made The Prince roll us up in a giant Katamari!

Blue Beetle.

Frank West takes the Blitzkrieg out for a spin!

It's Grand Nagus Zeg from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown.

It's a new mash-up I like to call Halo: Bleach!

Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn scan Gotham from the rooftop!

Team Rocket searches for special Arizona Pokemon.

Alice in Wonderland.

Even if I don't support the Empire, I support the troops!

The Scarecrow makes a terrifying Yellow Lantern.

Kagome made this look good way before Katniss!

It's Comic Book Man!

Captain Planet, he's a hero. He's gonna take pollution down to zero.

Be sure to check back, we'll be putting more photos of Phoenix Comicon up soon!

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