Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Phoenix Comicon Photos

We're still working hard to get up photos from the 2012 Phoenix Comicon. Here's another batch:

Jiraiya better watch out, Cammy is no Pichi Pichi girl!

Gaara, please don't use Sand Coffin on us!

Kakuzu seems to have stolen The Avengers' hearts.

The Dalek girls are coming to exterminate us.

Best Doctor Who Cosplay EVER: It's Craig with Stormageddon!

Dragon Tales meets Kingdom Hearts.

It's a steam punk werewolf hunter!

I hope Misa isn't planning to write our names in her Death Note!

Right after this picture was taken the King of all Cosmos made The Prince roll us up in a giant Katamari!

Blue Beetle.

Frank West takes the Blitzkrieg out for a spin!

It's Grand Nagus Zeg from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown.

It's a new mash-up I like to call Halo: Bleach!

Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn scan Gotham from the rooftop!

Team Rocket searches for special Arizona Pokemon.

Alice in Wonderland.

Even if I don't support the Empire, I support the troops!

The Scarecrow makes a terrifying Yellow Lantern.

Kagome made this look good way before Katniss!

It's Comic Book Man!

Captain Planet, he's a hero. He's gonna take pollution down to zero.

Be sure to check back, we'll be putting more photos of Phoenix Comicon up soon!

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