Monday, May 12, 2008

We Love Speed Racer!

That's right we absolutely loved Speed Racer. We saw it in imax and as I said on last Saturday's show (part 1, part 2) it is a visual feast! It's fun, exciting, silly, sweet, beautiful, and I will say it again FUN!!! Haters be darned!

One think that is really bothering me is ridiculous claims by certain reviewers that this is nothing like the classic anime. Well all I can say to that is check out "The Trick Race" to see just how wrong you are (YouTube currently has it in three parts, Click here for the first). The Wachowski brothers proved that they truly understand the heart & soul of the 1967 anime and they did an amazing job bringing it to the big screen in live action!

Another note from some critics is that it may be too childish for many adults while being too risque for young children. This claim is often followed by a statement about how many families may be going to see Iron Man instead. Well we loved Iron Man but if you think Speed Racer (where the most risque thing is a kiss and some sexyish talk about a kiss) is too risque but the bedroom romp of Iron Man is ok for your kids then perhaps you shouldn't have children. As for it being too childish for adults all I can say is that a monkey is funny for everyone, and this monkey has always been a part of Speed Racer, and lets not forget that Speed Racer was always intended for kids and families. This movie is fun first and foremost and should just be enjoyed for what it is an amazing retelling of a classic anime from the 60s.

We have come to a conclusion that people don't allow themselves to just relax and have fun anymore. You can't go to Speed Racer and expect Atonement! Plus just because Andy & Larry Wachowski made it doesn't mean it is a Matrix sequel. This is a movie you go to the theater to watch and just say "Wow!" because it looks so incredible. The Imax made us feel like we were there and when a car flipped it flipped right over us. The colers were beautiful and I have no doubt that if the variety and brightness of the colors were all available in 1967 they would have used them in the exact same way as the movie did.

Aside from just how enjoyable the movie is this is another one that we don't think could have been cast any better. While John Goodman (who plays Pops) and Paulie Litt (the little boy who plays Spritle Racer, especially in his scenes with Chim Chim) were often scene stealers Emile Hirsch played the part of Speed Racer exactly as it was supposed to be as did Matthew Fox as Racer X and if you have any doubts about that check out the episode I mentioned before. Christina Ricci made a great (and sexy) Trixie and the lovely Susan Sarandon truly was everything a Racer Mom should be!

Speed Racer made us feel like kids again! We want the toys, we want to drive the Mach 5 and the Mach 6, we want to watch the movie again and again!

What were all you haters out there expecting? This had all the right characters in all the right situations placed in an amazing and fantastic world that truly translates anime into reality. If you were upset by the races (would you rather watch them go around an oval track over and over again) and how the cars were modified then you obviously know nothing of Speed Racer. I think people should stop hating for the sake of hating and start accepting that this is exactly what it set out to be, this is SPEED RACER!