Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Guide for Anime Fans

Christmas is just around the corner (sorry it's a bit late for those celebrating Chanukah), and some people are just hard to find the right gifts for. Anime fans can be particularly difficult but we have a few suggestions that should make any otaku on your list smile.

First a piece of advice. Don't just get any anime related thing just because you know they are into anime. You wouldn't get a Trekkie a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, you wouldn't get a Whovian a Cylon Toaster and you shouldn't get a fan of Attack on Titan an R/C Pikachu! Overall it's not a great idea to get specific unless you know what specific animes people are into. So lets get to the list!

1. A Subscription to Crunchyroll Premium Anime. ( $6.95/month)
Crunchyroll is a site that streams tv shows but it is focused primarily on anime. A subscription lets people view shows commercial free and in HD, plus they get earlier access to episodes of new shows than people watching for free. Shows on Crunchyroll are typically the subtitled versions which is a major plus for most anime fans.

2. A Shonen Jump Annual Membership. ( $25.99/year)
48 digital issues of of Weekly Shonen Jump plus free gifts. Sure, some people just want to watch anime but reading the manga gives them the chance to say "the book was better".

3. Akira 25th Anniversary Blu-ray. ( $29.73)
The rule about knowing what animes people like does not apply to this particular movie. Akira is a classic film that all anime lovers should appreciate. The 25th Anniversary Blu-ray has special features including an interview w/ the director, US and Japanese trailers, multiple audio tracks to choose from (including both versions of the American dub), a documentary on restoring the film, and much more.

4. Gotta Catch'em All Hoodie. ( $68.00)
If you know anybody that is into Pokemon you can you can let them experience the thrill of being caught in a Poke-Ball with this hoodie.

5. Naruto: The Lost Tower Blu-ray. ( $19.96)
If you have any Naruto fans on your list you can get them the newest Naruto movie on Blu-ray.

6. Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning DVD. ( $14.99)
If you know anybody that loves superhero comic books but has never been able to get into anime Tiger & Bunny is a great way to bridge the gap. This anime takes place in a world where superheroes exist but puts a very unique spin on it. Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning starts off with a retelling of the first episode of the anime and then moves on to a new story. Fans of Tiger & Bunny will enjoy the 2-disc DVD because of the massive amount of special features, especially the coverage of the movie's world premiere event.

If you want gift ideas for a specific anime feel free to contact us and we can let you know where to look.