Saturday, March 6, 2010

Geek World: Tragedy at McDonalds!!!


We pulled up to the golden arches today and were struck with spine tingling news, They Out of Sodas.

We urge the public not to panic, our sources are adamant that at Burger King They Soda.

Thank goodness.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Heavy Rain and Bioshock 2 Seperated at Birth?


Looking at these games you might think they couldn't be more different, but while playing them for this past show we noticed a few strange similarities. Here's a guide to help you in case you get confused:

Coma: If you wake up from a coma feeling like your life is in the sewer you’re playing Heavy Rain. If you wake up from a coma in a sewer you’re playing Bioshock 2.

Children's Nutrition: If your child is slowly drinking rainwater you're playing Heavy Rain. If your child is slowly drinking blood you're playing Bioshock 2.

Psychology: If you see a Rorschach test on a wall covered with blood you’re playing Bioshock 2. If you’re taking a Rorschach test conducted by a really suspicious psychiatrist you’re playing Heavy Rain.

Fatherhood: If your child loves you and says you’re the best daddy you're playing Bioshock 2. If your child tells you he hates you and slowly moves away from you on a park bench you're playing Heavy Rain.

Old School Typewriters: If the typewriter was used by the bad guy to send ‘Daddy’ a message you’re playing Heavy Rain. If ‘Daddy’ uses telekinesis to throw the typewriter at the bad guy you are playing Bioshock 2.

Hallucinations: If agoraphobia leads to your hallucination you’re playing Heavy Rain. If your hallucination leads to more gore you're playing Bioshock 2.

Water: If you are soaking wet and looking for your son you are probably playing Heavy Rain. If you are soaking wet and looking for your slug you are probably playing Bioshock 2.

Dead Bird in a gold cage: If you’re looking at a dead bird with your grieving son you’re playing Heavy Rain. If you’re looking at a dead bird with your possessed little girl you’re playing Bioshock 2 (if it’s possible the child killed the bird, you could be playing either game, in that case push select to see which one, that goes double for the dead cats and butterflies!)

Could they be long lost twins? Who knows? We just hope that in Heavy Rain 2 we can shake the orange juice with telekinisis!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Photo Property of the CW Network

YEAH!!!!!!!! Smallville got an early renewal from the CW!!

If you listen to the show you know that we love us some Smallville, and the fact that it's had a renaissance the last few seasons after Gough and Millar left just impresses us even more! Even though last season it was moved to the TV Phantom Zone of Friday, it still got remarkable ratings for a show on the CW, and a show on Friday (when it moved to Friday it became Network TV's #1 show during that hour in men 18-34 and 18-49, thank you Erica Durance)! Welling's returning and hopefully the rest of the cast as well.  Like I said on todays show I hope that this show never ends, and who knows maybe it never will!

Smallville's the new Gunsmoke!!!

Coming Soon: Bioshock 2 and Heavy Rain Seperated at Birth?


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wolverine 2 Has A Start Date!

 Picture via MARVEL.COM

Showbiz 411 reports that Wolverine 2 will start filming in January:

Based on a story cycle by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, Wolverine's adventures in martial arts will be a love story featuring a Japanese actress, I am told. "It's a beautiful story," says a source, "and will be very different than the first film."

Yeah the first one sucked... but hey Hugh Jackman rocks and it looks like it will be based on the awesome 1982 Frank Miller and Chris Claremont Wolverine Miniseries where he goes to Japan to control his bezerker rage, hooks up with a hot Japanese chick (Mariko Yashida)  and fights a bunch of Ninjas.

Sure X-Men 3 emasculated the hell out of him, and he looked like a Ginsu salesmen in Origins, but Christopher McQuarrie wrote The Usual Suspects, and it's based on a well loved Wolverine story so I'm hoping for the best. Now all they need is a director and a supporting cast and they're all set!

I'm not sure who they should cast as Mariko, so just off the top of my head I'm gonna say Maggie Q... Sure she's from Hawaii and of Vietnamese (along with Polish-Irish) descent, so she's not a "Japanese actress" but I like to think the best person for the part should get it, I mean Rosario Dawson and Cliff Curtis have played every nationality possible, and no one gives them beef. Not to mention most of the principle actresses in Memoirs of a Geisha (based in Japan) were Chinese, so I don't think it would be a problem (hey Canadian Wolverine is an Aussie if you really wanna nitpick). Also have you seen Naked Weapon? If you have, you'd probably agree with me.

picture via AMAZON.COM

If they really need to cast an actress of Japanese descent, they can go with Oscar Nominated Rinko Kikuchi from Babel.  She is also a good choice...because she is very talented...and she is also hot.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bumblebee Hits the Skids!!


Original Bumblebee Photo via Micheal Bay's Official Blog

Sci Fi Wire interviewed Industrial Light & Magic animation supervisor Scott Benza about his work on Transformers 3.

"Our two lead characters, Optimus and Bumblebee, needed to be updated for the next chapter in the Transformers series," said animation supervisor Scott Benza in an exclusive interview Sunday at the Visual Effects Society Awards in Century City, Calif., where he and visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar were nominees. "Bumblebee's matured a little bit, so I would just say look for subtle changes to his physique that have him look more mature."

Bumblebee's physique more mature?

Geekin talked to his inside sources who were able to shed some light. Apparently the scoop is that after the events of Transformers 2, where Sam was totally uncool and abandoned Bumblebee to go off to college, Bumblebee decided to leave Sam and go off on his own adventures. He met up with troubled Pop Princess Courtney Gears, and they become romantically involved. After starring in a failed short lived reality show called Technotronic, they had 2 kids and Bumblebee attempted (and failed) at a rap career with fellow Autobots Wheelie and Skids. The romance short circuited when Courtney had a ratchet thrown in her Gears because of a short partnership with a Nefarious doctor and subsequent meltdown. Bumblebee became depressed and gained a lot of weight, thus his more "mature look".  Recently Bumblebee signed up to be on Robo-Celebrity Fit Club in an attempt to get back in fighting shape. Now the question is whether or not Bumblebee can forgive Sam and rejoin the Autobots in their ongoing battle with the Decepticons.

Wow, sounds like Michael Bay's really taking Transformers into a whole different direction! Well maybe that's not such a bad thing considering Transformers 2.

Update: We might need to call our scoop an unconfirmed rumor, being that AnnaMay just found out that Geekin's "inside sources" were an actual bumblebee and the number 3!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Playstation 3 Glitch

Just a note for all of you PS3 users out there, there is a glitch that could screw up your saved data and trophies.

We've been playing a lot of PS3 lately and were planning on playing a bunch more tonight but now I guess we'll hold off, or in the least avoid all attempts to access the Playstation Network.  Playstation says they'll hopefully have it fixed within 24 hours so lets keep our fingers crossed.