Thursday, March 4, 2010


Photo Property of the CW Network

YEAH!!!!!!!! Smallville got an early renewal from the CW!!

If you listen to the show you know that we love us some Smallville, and the fact that it's had a renaissance the last few seasons after Gough and Millar left just impresses us even more! Even though last season it was moved to the TV Phantom Zone of Friday, it still got remarkable ratings for a show on the CW, and a show on Friday (when it moved to Friday it became Network TV's #1 show during that hour in men 18-34 and 18-49, thank you Erica Durance)! Welling's returning and hopefully the rest of the cast as well.  Like I said on todays show I hope that this show never ends, and who knows maybe it never will!

Smallville's the new Gunsmoke!!!

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