Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bumblebee Hits the Skids!!


Original Bumblebee Photo via Micheal Bay's Official Blog

Sci Fi Wire interviewed Industrial Light & Magic animation supervisor Scott Benza about his work on Transformers 3.

"Our two lead characters, Optimus and Bumblebee, needed to be updated for the next chapter in the Transformers series," said animation supervisor Scott Benza in an exclusive interview Sunday at the Visual Effects Society Awards in Century City, Calif., where he and visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar were nominees. "Bumblebee's matured a little bit, so I would just say look for subtle changes to his physique that have him look more mature."

Bumblebee's physique more mature?

Geekin talked to his inside sources who were able to shed some light. Apparently the scoop is that after the events of Transformers 2, where Sam was totally uncool and abandoned Bumblebee to go off to college, Bumblebee decided to leave Sam and go off on his own adventures. He met up with troubled Pop Princess Courtney Gears, and they become romantically involved. After starring in a failed short lived reality show called Technotronic, they had 2 kids and Bumblebee attempted (and failed) at a rap career with fellow Autobots Wheelie and Skids. The romance short circuited when Courtney had a ratchet thrown in her Gears because of a short partnership with a Nefarious doctor and subsequent meltdown. Bumblebee became depressed and gained a lot of weight, thus his more "mature look".  Recently Bumblebee signed up to be on Robo-Celebrity Fit Club in an attempt to get back in fighting shape. Now the question is whether or not Bumblebee can forgive Sam and rejoin the Autobots in their ongoing battle with the Decepticons.

Wow, sounds like Michael Bay's really taking Transformers into a whole different direction! Well maybe that's not such a bad thing considering Transformers 2.

Update: We might need to call our scoop an unconfirmed rumor, being that AnnaMay just found out that Geekin's "inside sources" were an actual bumblebee and the number 3!

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