Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anime Expo 2011- Day 3 Photos Pt.1!

Here's the first part of our day 3 photos!

The Vocaloids make singing look so cool, we're finally embarrassed by our Hammer pants!

Watch out Naruto, Sasuke's newly formed group looks really tough

Master Chief makes sure you respect flag day

All the hidden villages up in here

Don't know what their from, but nice costumes!

AnnaMay quickly ran to this cosplayer and wrote Dave's name on the paper, not cool AnnaMay, not cool at all!

AnnaMay says Mew Mew is about Magic Cats. Is it like that weird Egyptian cat that made Halle Berry Catwoman? I freaking hate magic cats!

Hey look Cloud Strife (I'm way to busy coming up with obscene huge sword jokes to write anything remotely funny)

There really aren't enough anime comedies about WWII

This picture is 1,000 times more viewable than The Super Mario Bros. movie

Black Rock Shooter fans hate escalators (it's a fact, look it up)

Ezio hunts his quarry at the Anime Expo

Marik and Yugi stop fighting long enough to bust a move

Taking this picture made Dave feel like a Stalker, a Darkstalker, HA!!!!!

We've still got Part 2 of Day 3 photos to post, plus the full photo album and videos, keep checking back for more!

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Anonymous said...

WOAH check out the tits on that Mario girl! :D