Thursday, July 12, 2007

Braving the Kwik-E-Mart Rush

I can't let Dave have all the fun with this blog!

As you have probably noticed a number of 7-11's have been converted into Kwik-E-Marts as a major promotion for the upcoming Simpsons Movie. Lines outside wrap around the stores and at night spotlights shine from the parking lot. The store fronts have been altered to resemble the iconic Kwik-E-Mart with employees even wearing neon green shirts resembling Apu's standard uniform. Cutouts of some of the most popular Simpsons characters line the walls inside and out. But the best part are the products infamous to The Simpsons show (i.e. Krusty-O's, Buzz Cola, Homer's pink frosted donut, Squishees) that have been flying off the shelves.

I mentioned the lines. The products go fast and are limited (i.e. one 6-pack of Buzz cola and one box of Krusty-O's per person). They only let a few people into the store at a time. Other products like Simpsons bobble heads, talking pizza cutters, clocks, etc... cover the shelves. If you are brave enough to wait and push through the crush of people grabbing for the Simpsons products you should definitely check it out, but keep in mind they only restock periodically and no one seems to know when the products are actually coming in until the day of.

While most people are just excited to be getting their box of 4 donuts or Radioactive Man comic book there are the die hard fans and freaks that will try to claw their way ahead of you and stomp and whine and shout when they can't get what they want. In our case we had the displeasure of encountering a teenage girl who threw a fit when she found out that the only Simpsons products they had that day were bobble heads and donuts. Bearing her teeth she looked like a chubby wolf with glasses. "Ag!" she barked at us continuing on about how horrible they were for not having more. If I hadn't been busy taking photos she certainly would have scared me off. Please don't hurt me scary teenage girl I just want to take some pictures buy my donuts and leave. I quickly mooved to another portion of the store hoping that she wouldn't follow. She stomped around for a while then I assume she must have left. I recommend avoiding all kinds of eye contact with these types of people.

As for the products themselves, Squishees are just Slurpees in Squishee cups, the donuts are the most sugar filled confections I have ever tasted (a treat truly fit for Homer), and I assume the Buzz cola and Krusty-O's are just generic cola and frosted cereal in awesome packaging.

If you are willing to wait in the line and wade through the people I think it is a worthwhile adventure and certainly worth it for the products. Simpsons Fun for Everyone!


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