Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Deal or No Man Of Steel?

Some news on the Superman front today. First things first Variety reports that Kevin Spacey will be returning as our favorite Rogain needing real estate scamming supervillian Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie tentitively called "Man Of Steel". So great news right? Well unfortunetly Bryan Singer made sure Spacey would come back before he pitched WB on making the sequel. Hollywood reporter talked with WB president Alan Horn who said "If we do a sequel to 'Superman,' we want it to be less expensive," followed by "the studio would be willing to spend as much as $175 million if the screenplay and other factors warranted it."
So already their saying the budget will be at least $25 million less than the reported $200 million Returns cost (though I think they spent quite a bit more), which kinda sucks because this movie is supposed to actually have action in it, unlike the mostly limp handshake that was Superman Returns. Don't get me wrong there's a few things I really liked about Returns, the plane sequence was sick, the CGI was great and Singer's direction was very epic in scope. Not only that I was very pleasently suprised by newcomer Brandon Routh. Yeah I know some people thought he looked more like Super Boy than Superman, but he obviously has the look (some age will do the boy good), and I really thought he embodied the nobility and kindness that Superman really needs.
Then there was what I really didn't like, namely the horribly horrible horrendous abomination of a script future Pergatory wanderers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris wrote. What's up with Emo-Superman? If I wanted to watch a movie about feelings I'd rent the Joy Luck Club. No one, I repeat NO ONE! Other than Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and Bryan Singer wanted to see WAWA! Superman. Yeah yeah, we all know Superman is pretty much invulnerable, so isn't it clever to make the conflict emotional instead of physical? NO NO NO it's not. F emotions, KRYPTONITE freaking hurts Superman, or at least it did until he gingerly picked up a mound of Kryptonite the size of freaking Texas! Superman isn't great because he can fly, or has super strength, he's great because while the rest of us createns would use his powers to take over the planet he chooses to fight for all of us. Even more so he's a hero because we are not his people, but he still protects us.
But mostly people go to a Superman movie to watch action, not date rape Superman (oh I know Super-kiss Superman 2 leave me alone) followed by creepy stalker Superman followed by deadbeat dad Superman. Thanks alot for putting Superman in that corner, great he has a freaking kid now! So we either need to suffer through Super-Brat or hope he dies to go back to the Superman we all know? Oh and BTW, Michael Dougherty is currently writing the "Man Of Steel" script.
Wow what a rant, either way all the actual news I got for this was from the Superman Homepage, which is really awesome I totally recommend checking it out, and all the ranting was from a year of stewing over Superman Returns. But it doesn't matter I really hope Man of Steel makes it out, and even more I hope to see Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris at the drive thru window next time I go to In-N-Out.


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