Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trekking it

Things have been so busy but now that I have a moment it's time to finally post something we have been talking about on the show for the last few weeks: the new Star Trek film.

Articles (like this) are finally coming out with lists of the main cast members and I have to say I'm pretty pleased. So here is the list:

Captain Kirk: Chris Pine
Spok: Zachary Quinto
Dr. McCoy (Bones): Karl Urban
Scotty: Simon Pegg
Sulu: John Cho
Uhura: Zoe Saldana
Chekov: Anton Yelchin

None of them are huge stars which I like, and I really do like the choices they made. I am especially happy with Chris Pine. The thing about him is that some of his bigger movies have been fluffy (Princess Diaries 2, Just My Luck). Despite the fact that they weren't quality films he was good in them. He was also in Smokin' Aces as a complete madman. The reason I bring up these movies is because he is able to completely transform himself fore the various roles. I definitely think he should be able to do a good job as Kirk.

As for Zachary Quinto we have been pleased about him being Spok since it was just a rumor.

I don't know what I think about Karl Urban as Bones. I've seen many of the bigger movie's he's been in and he always gives a good performance, but I have never seen him do any roles even similar to Bones. Even so, I'm hopeful.

Simon Pegg as Scotty seems a little strange to me, but I do think he'll do a good job. He'll be able to bring some fun humor to the role.

So what about John Cho as Sulu? I like John Cho. He's not just MILF guy from American Pie or Harold to Kal Penn's Kumar. If you saw him in the short lived series Kitchen Confidential you would have a better understanding of why he could make a good Sulu. In the least he is another actor that could infuse some humor into his role.

And then there is the always sultry Uhura. Well in terms of looks Zoe Saldana certainly fits the bill (even as a pirate). She hasn't been in too many big films and I have nothing bad to say about her.

Finally we have Anton Yelchin as Chekov. The only problem I have with him is that he is so young. They might have to do something to make him look older so that he fits in and fits the role. It's fitting that he was born in Eastern Europe so hooray for that :) Anyway despite his age he has shown a lot of promise and talent. Even so I have never seen him play a role like Chekov or even a role where he has to play an adult so that makes me a bit nervous. Still I think he can pull it off.

So overall I am pleased and hopefull. Let's hope J.J. Abrams can pull of a quality Star Trek film. No matter what we'll end up seeing it but it will be truly painful if it doesn't live up to expectations.


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