Thursday, October 4, 2007

Movie Maybes

So CHUD is where it's at for me today. Not only do they seem to have the skinny on the live action Dragon Ball Z movie but they seem to have word on the possibility of another Serenity movie.

In terms of the Dragon Ball Z movie they say that James Wong has been tapped to write and direct it. While I am hopeful from his work on things like X-Files I have to say the descriptions of the characters listed in the CHUD article leaves me a bit scared. As a fan of the anime hearing Goku described as someone "considered uncool and unpopular at school" makes me cringe. We must remember that Goku is not just an amazing martial artist but more importantly an alien, a Saiyan from the destroyed planet Vegeta. By the time Dragon Ball Z begins Piccolo is more friend than foe for Goku and let's not forget the biggest part: there is never any school well actually there is school but Gohan, Goku's son attends it. That's right in Dragon Ball Z Goku and Chi Chi are married with a son (eventually multiple sons over the course of the series). Now I know I shouldn't be such a purist since this is a live action film that should appeal to both DBZ fans and non-fans but it bothers me that Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z seem to be combined and they are leaving out key plot points.
Check out more DBZ info from Wikipedia.

As for Serenity I would love to see them make another movie. I wish there was more than one season of the Firefly series. But that being said I think I agree with the writer of the CHUD article that perhaps direct to dvd is the way to go. I think it could have a great audience even if they are more likely to rent or buy the dvd than they are to go to a movie theater. If they got the primary cast members (well those that haven't been killed off) I would buy any direct to dvd movie they put out (though I'd certainly go see the movie on the big screen too). Nathan Fillion, you rock! There are plenty of Browncoats out there and Joss Whedon has a cult-like following. So I guess we'll have to see how and if this develops further. Long live Serenity!
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