Thursday, October 4, 2007

American Gladiators 2008

So you have probably heard the rumors that they will be bringing back American Gladiators next year. For some reason this excites me more than it probably should. I remember watching Blaze and Lazer and Ice etc... roughing up some contestants in their red white and blue spandex. I assume the old gladiators are now too old so who will take their place and will they go by the same awesome psuedonyms? I can only hope so. And they better keep the spandex. I will certainly protest spandex, sweats, or any sort of "sexy" atire - these are GLADIATORS, not trainers.

Now I bring this up not just to talk about the awesomeness of American Gladiators (which I pray they schedule for either Saturday or Sunday) but because I read a rumor that Hulk Hogan himself is going to be the host. Now let me just say this better not be Terry Hogan I want Hulkmania! I want yellow spandex to go with his bleached hair and awesome mustache. That's right spandex for the gladiators and spandex for the host.

Ok next thing to bring back from my childhood: Double Dare! I'll take the physical challenge. And now that Mark Summers makes shows for the Food Network those kids can slide into gourmet dishes.

So anyway is anyone else as excited for American Gladiators as I am?


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