Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pankun and James and Other Such Craziness

So thanks to PC Magazine's "100 Favorite Blogs" I have found some new sites that I can't live without!

I think that everyone should start going to because it may be the most amazing blog you will ever explore. There are so many great things on this site because TV in Japan is completely awesome. Let me give you an example of one of the greatest things I have ever seen:
Pankun and James
Click the link above to watch as this amazing monkey and bulldog as they train to become firefighters and learn about earthquakes. I have never seen anything this amazing in my life and I just don't understand why this isn't a show here in the US! I mean seriously, if people are willing to sit and watch Meerkat Manor why wouldn't they want to watch Pankun & James? Discovery Channel/Animal Planet have to step up their game! I recommend typing Pankun and James into Google or search through TV in Japan when you have a chance in order to find more videos of this crazy pair as they Take a Meeting with Disney, recreate a scene from Jurassic Park, and so much more!

Here are some of the other great blogs that I couldn't resist after checking out PC Magazines Favorite 100:

Adweek's blog for all that's new and crazy in the world of advertising. Sure most of us try to avoid ads as much as possble (thank goodness for DVRs & Tivo and their fast forward functions) except during the Superbowl (though even those ads have been mostly disappointing as of late). Even so there are some ads that catch our eye and get us laughing, staring in disbelief, or drooling over whatever it is that makes us drool and AdFreak seems to do a good job at discovering many of those while allerting readers to certain advertising trends.

Environmental consciousness and geekdom really do go hand in hand and this site proves it. Stay up to date on what's new in the world of eco-friendly technology. You'll truly be surprised at how far they are coming. There are many companies out there making products that will help us live a sustainable lifestyle without giving up the technological devices we can't live without.

Yeah that's right this geek cares a lot about the environment (as we all should). This blog is all about environmental friendliness. It's filled with information on a variety of topics: Design & Architecture, Culture & Celebrity, Travel & Nature, Food & Health, Business & Politics, and Fashion & Beauty. It's not as hard to be eco-conscious as you might think.

I think the name pretty much explains itself. Gadgets are cool and this blog will keep you up to date on what's new with robots, remote controls, concept cars, and so much more!

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
Have you ever wanted to be an evil mad scientist? This it the blog to start you on your way. You don't need to be a scientist to make crazy creations. Check it out and start creating!

Sci Fi Tech
The sci-fi channel knows what's cool - gadgets of the future! Their blog brings the reality of science fiction to light. Hooray for technology!

Pink Tentacle
If TV in Japan wasn't enough to show you how cool Japan can be this site should be definitive proof. From cute pillows to crazy robots to out of control architecture they cover what's new and awesome in Japan.

This isn't your typical video game blog. It covers video game releases to video game appearances in popular TV shows to gourds carved as pumpkins. The thing I like about this site is it's friendly tone and the fact that they talk about games without giving reviews. It tells you what's out there without telling you how to feel about it.

Another quality video game website. I don't really have much to say about it but they have a lot of up to date information on what's new in video games. Definitely a good place to get your info.

Blogs are truly addictive and if you haven't found one that suits your fancy check out PC Magazine's list. There is something there that will appeal to everyone. For those of you that are anti-blog (and if that's the case why are you reading my blog? not that I'm complaining you just keep on reading!) check out PC Magazine's Top 100 Undiscovered Websites and Top 100 Classic Websites.


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