Friday, January 14, 2011

Geek World Casts Death Note

Last week when we decided to make the topic of this week's show about live action movie adaptations of animes we knew we had to let the world know who we would cast in an American live action Death Note movie. When we were recording the show on Tuesday we never expected to see the news that things were moving forward in Hollywood, Thursday came, our show aired, and we learned that Warner Bros. hired Shane Black to direct Death Note! So in case you missed the show Thursday and Friday at 12 Noon on 92.5 FM KYHY here's your chance to find out, with photos and audio, how Geek World would cast the Death Note live action movie!!!

Steven R. McQueen is Light Yagami

Michael Angarano is L

Russell Brand is Ryuk

Taylor Swift is Misa Amane

Liam Neeson is Chief Yagami

Summer Glau is Naomi Misora

So that's the cast of Death Note according to Geek World! Hollywood, we're counting on you to get this right so don't let us (and all the fans of the manga and anime) down!

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