Sunday, April 20, 2014

WonderCon 2014 Photos - Part 2

Bizzaro looks for The Man of Steel at WonderCon

Mordecai and Rigby become Jonins of the Leaf

Lara Croft tries to survive WonderCon

Batman decides if he can't beat em, join the band

Raphael takes a break from set to bust heads at WonderCon

Spike and Faye try and collect a bounty at the con

Captain America does her best to rally the troops on the floor

Spider-Man is living a What If? scenario

Chun-Li defies Akuma and his statue
Akuma Cosplay: Jah'lon Escudero

The Geeks bring their own religious signs for Easter

Bioshock's Elizabeth and Borderland's Moxxy have a girls day out

Baby Goku searches for Grandpa's Dragonball at the con

Gambit gives WonderCon some kinetic energy

Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, and Poisen Ivy hunt the Arrow at WonderCon

Lilith kicks some butt at the con

Khal Drogo lucks out and gets 3 Khaleesi in the afterlife

Orphan Black's Helena hunts Sarah at the con

Freddy and Leatherface change their look for WonderCon

More photos and videos from WonderCon 2014 coming soon (we'll put up a tattoo post tomorrow).
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