Saturday, April 19, 2014

WonderCon 2014 Photos - Part 1

Amy Pond stole the TARDIS just to visit WonderCon

Marvel Heroes give the studios the middle finger and all show up in the same picture

WonderCon becomes a World of Warcraft
Cosplayer: Svetlana Quindt

Sub-Zero joins Red Card Katarina in League of Legends

Archer and the rest of ISIS takes a break from dealing drugs to visit the con

Cubone finds a friend at the convention

Vegeta searches for warriors with power levels under 9000

Black Canary searches for Ollie on the convention floor

The Joker and Harley Quinn cause a little chaos

Daenerys won't sell her dragon egg at WonderCon

Newly married Deadpool fools around with an angry Lady Deadpool

John Constantine refuses to acknowledge the Thank You for not Smoking signs

Kill La Kill's Matoi Ryuuko and Mankanshoku Mako

Batman and Catwoman arrive to the con in style

Emmet freaks when he realizes he missed the exit to Legoland

Witchblade polices the con

Thranduil confuses WonderCon for Middle Earth

Majin Buu turns WonderCon into his own personal candy jar

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