Wednesday, August 1, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Photos - Part 4

We've got another set of photos from San Diego Comic-Con for you guys!:

Need your taxes done? These guys will FINISH THEM!

Quite possibly the cutest Naruto cosplay we've ever taken a photo of!

Wow Cobra Commander, I think there's something different about you... It must be the hair.
Cosplayer: Jamie Lee "Merlot" C.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Supergirl reminds us that she has super strength.

The Invisible Man asks the Masquerade staff if invisible is considered a costume.

The Joker must have hit Batman with a shrink ray before he started fighting Harley Quinn.

Spider-Man and Dr. Light team up.
Spider-Man cosplayer: Jah'lon Escudero

Yes, that is Ken Marino cosplaying as his character Mark Orlando from Burning Love!

Berserk cosplay takes Guts!

You're not going mad, there are 3 Hatters with Alice.

Assimilated This!

Zatanna and Green Arrow.

He wants you to serve the dark side.

It's over 9,000!

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Anonymous said...

That's not Dr. Light with Spider-man but the 2nd Captain Marvel (MonicaRambeau).