Thursday, July 19, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Photos - Part 2

Sorry it's taking us so long to get the Comic-Con photos up but don't worry we're still working on them and they will go up! (By the way stay tuned because the next set of photos we're planning is our Tattoos of Comic-Con post!) For now check out this new set of SDCC 2012 photos:

Catwoman licks the blood of hundreds of vampires off of Abraham Lincoln's ax!

I can feel Asura's wrath from all the way over here.

Sindel and Kung Lao are looking for a fight!

Would anybody like to buy some nice hot decomposing body parts? Umbrella promises that they won't turn you into zombies.

Katniss gives Peta some support.

I have to give a special applause to these Disney villains for including the hunter that shot Bambi's mom!

Don't Blink!

Rick and Lori hold out hope that these zombie girls didn't get Carl.

Pacific Rim display

Fasha must be pretty tough to be part of Bardock's team!

Harley Quinn and Catwoman plan some mischief at Comic-Con.

Revenge is a dish best served while cosplaying!

What you don't know about this photo is that Wonder Woman is actually inside her invisible jet.

Oh no, trolls are rampaging through Comic-Con!

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We're working on getting the SDCC 2012 Album up so keep checking back to see the progress!


Anonymous said...

Omg!!! I love the Asura's Wrarth cosplay! I can't believe someone pulled it off! He's cute too!

Anonymous said...

That's supposed to be Asura's Wrath? I could have done a better job with my butt. And cute? I don't know about that but I'm pretty sure he's gay.