Sunday, May 27, 2012

Phoenix Comicon Photos - Day 3

Sunday was another great day for Phoenix Comicon! Here are a few of the photos we took:

Yoko and Nelliel remind us why cosplay rules!

Gohan took a break from training with Piccolo to come to Phoenix Comicon.

Live Long and Cosplay!

Harley Quinn lets us know how she feels about Batman.

Assassin vs Harlequin!

Kida lets us know Atlantis has been found.

This little Kakashi has some serious ninjutsu!

Best family portrait EVER!

Sailor Moon protects the Con from evil intergalactic entities.

Vocaloid Rin strikes a pose.

DOA's Kasumi reports on the clash between DC and Marvel.

No, you cannot have any of Cartman's Cheesy Poofs!

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Be sure to check back, we'll be putting more photos up soon!

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