Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Geek World Loves Androids!

With the release of the new Prometheus viral video, Happy Birthday David, we started thinking there might be a robot love connection between the recently unveiled lifelike androids David (8G) and Quantic Dreams Kara (3G)!

The newest Prometheus viral video Happy Birthday David starring Michael Fassbender as a loveably thoughtful android named David (hey ladies he can do anything that could possibly be asked of him!)

Kara knows 300 languages, and at least one of them is love!

Luckily (and sadly) Robots in the real world are still pretty scary:

We're pretty sure this is the real David, a disturbing talking robot named Jules. He's doesn't smolder like Michael Fassbender, but he does have a british accent and has a bonafide Fassbender-esque creepiness when he tells the baby he will find him someday when he's older (pretty sure the baby's name is John Conner)

But back to romance- Humans and Androids can love each other also:

This is a classic Star Trek TNG scene. It's really funny and all, until you realize that the brilliant Dr. Noonien "Fully Functional" Soong might have been a little creepier than we all originally imagined. Also I know she wasn't exactly herself, but does Tasha Yar really need to bring up her planet's Rape Gangs on every possible occasion?

And lets not forget everyones favorite cybernetic playa, Gigolo Joe! At 1:15 he tells a little boy android the kind of superfly andro-pimp he really is!

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