Friday, March 23, 2012

WonderCon 2012: More Photos

Watch out heroes, the Joker is sneaking up behind you!

Canti's appearance at WonderCon left Naota with a splitting headache!

Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine protect WonderCon from a zombie attack!

Luckily when X-23 was cloned from Wolverine's DNA they left out the "excessively hairy" gene.

The Ice King is stopped by a double Finn attack while Bane tries to get away.

I don't remember Jayne being so pretty when Firefly was on TV.

Jill Valentine fends off an attacking zombie!

3 Doctors and River Song?  Is this one of those wibbly wobbly, time-y wimey things?

Who needs Batman with a badass fighting pose like this!

Claire and Jill pose after they dealt with that pesky zombie.

Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool, and Wolverine battle their way out of WonderCon.

Arale borrowed Goku's Flying Nimbus to visit WonderCon.

After Bane paralyzed Batman, he came to the sad realization that all he had left to break were windows.

Charlie Brown and Lucy get ready to play some football.

Don't kill me, I swear I'm not a zombie (or a survivor of the Raccoon City outbreak)!

Ryu is looking to cross paths with on of those Tekken troublemakers

Counselor Troi and Commander Riker's flirting at WonderCon is an HR nightmare for Starfleet.

Jill Valentine understandably mistakes Dave for the undead.

We've got more pictures and coverage of WonderCon 2012 that we're working on getting up so keep checking back and keep an eye out for the full album!

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