Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watch Out Tony Stark! The Japanese are the Real Iron Men!!!!


Japan has been building killer robots for years (Astro Boy, Mobile Suit Gundam, The Prius), but now they've invented Iron Man type Power-Assisted Suits!


The metal-and-plastic outfit boasts eight electric motors that amplify the strength of the wearer's arms and legs, as well as sensors that can detect movements and respond to commands through a voice-recognition system.

The suits can reduce the user’s physical effort by 62 per cent on average.

Fifteen years in the making, the “robosuit” is due to hit the Japanese market in 2012 when it will initially retail for about one million yen (£8,100), a price tag its makers hope to halve if the device is mass-produced.

Honestly I'm most worried for Godzilla. It seems like now it's only a matter of time before MechaGodzilla is unleashed!!!

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