Monday, July 8, 2013

Anime Expo 2013 - Pt 3

Titans think humans are tasty.

Bleach is always popular cosplay at Anime Expo

Marguerite traveled all the way from Amazon Lily for Anime Expo.
*Cosplayer: Darissa

Who would have guessed that Madara's true identity is Deadpool!?!
*Cosplayer: Sasuke Louie

Those zombies don't stand a chance!

Rikku is ready for a fight.

They jumped through a portal and ended up at Anime Expo.

He's got fighting spirit.

Ralph, Veran, Zelda, and Link come together for a photo.

Black Cat is ready to pounce.

Inori from Guilty Crown.

It's time for some Tera Online.

Don't fall asleep at Anime Expo.

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