Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Geeky Walk Home!

Every day I walk home from work, which could be boring, but luckily I find entertainment in my surroundings (technically the sidewalk).

For instance, every time I see this:

I picture this:
Sidewalk crack or Sidewalk BATMAN?

A few blocks later I pass this:
Hey internet cat fans, I'd like you to meet "Sidewalk Cat"! I don't know how it got there, maybe somebody painted it, maybe somebody left paint cans on the grass and they dripped onto the sidewalk in the form of a cat, maybe it's an interdimensional cat portal. Whatever it is it makes me smile!

So my walk home keeps me entertained and always cheers me up, which is much better than my walk to the bus in the morning when I have to deal with this:
I start my day getting mooned by a tree. Silly tree with your upside down butts hanging out!

If the way I see these things was a Rorschach Test what do you think that would say about me?

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