Thursday, October 11, 2012

Give a Nerd a Hug!

We spend an increasing amount of time interacting with people virtually and ignore our need for physical contact. This has sparked a strange (and somewhat disturbing) trend in consumer products that try to fill our desire to be hugged in some very creepy ways.

The Dream Man Arm Pillow


Because nothing says good night's sleep like having a pillow grope you deep into the night!

The Hug-E-Gram


Should you get your girlfriend flowers? No! Chocolates? No! Tell her you won't be there with a disembodied hug because there is no better way to say "I love you" than with a somewhat scary pair of comical arms. With a gift like this you'll never have to worry about getting her a gift again. Of course that's just because she will stop accepting your phone calls.
(It's hard to believe that they thought their commercial would be appealing - CLICK HERE to see it on their website.)

The Hug Me Jacket


This jacket can pretty much ensure that no real human will want to talk to you let alone give you a hug.

The Like-A-Hug


And finally an item of clothing that reminds you that being liked on Facebook is the only validation that you need. If you are connected by WiFi your vest will give you a squeeze when you get a Like. You'll never need a real hug again, of course it would be hard for them to get their arms around this vest but that's besides the point.

If we are building products to make us feel a little more loved maybe the real answer is to go out and interact with real people. It seems like our lack of human contact is leading us to a much more creepy place and these terrifying hug contraptions need to be stopped!

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