Sunday, September 16, 2012

Comikaze 2012 Photos - Part 1

We had a fantastic time at Comikaze on Saturday! We'll let you know when the album is ready, but for now here's our first set of photos:

Cammy is a knock out!
*Cosplayer: RappyDemon

Altair shall now be known as Assassin Ranger.

The Joker is angry that we didn't laugh at his joke!
*Cosplayer: Anthony Misiano

The light of justice shines on Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney!

It's always nice when Marvel and DC characters get along.

Hollow Form Ichigo.

There are zombies on our lawn... and at Comikaze.


Sonic and his buddies collect rings in the Convention Center.

Walter White stakes out new turf at Comikaze.

Nightcrawler is very happy to be with Emma Frost.

Finn and Fiona have an adventure together.

Looks like Clark forgot to take off his glasses when he changed into Superman.

Goku loves Comikaze!
*Cosplayer: Jah'lon

AnnaMay and Dave in front of the Tardis.

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