Tuesday, August 7, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Photos - Part 5

As promised, we're still posting photos from San Diego Comic-Con for you guys!:

I don't think that's regulation Stormtrooper Armor!

Before he got the scissors he was known as Edward Butterkives-hands.

Avengers Gender Bend.

Sadly the Batcave is now just a Mancave.

Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft.

Glenn and Rick keep SDCC safe from zombies.

Lord Dark Helmet heard that Lone Star was hiding out at the convention center.

So this is what happens when Star Wars meets Halo.

Kenny Powers tells everyone he's the greatest.

Somebody call the Joes, Cobra wants to take over Comic-Con!

Castiel is looking for Sam and Dean at Comic-Con.
* Cosplayer: Jerry Knowles

Merida hopes to find some nice bear statues at Comic-Con.

Spike and Faye take a break from bounty hunting.

Dave helps Gollum search for his precious.

SDCC makes AnnaMay act silly!

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