Friday, July 13, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Photos - Thursday Part 1

We've been really busy at Comic-Con but we were able to get some time on the floor today so here are some of the photos plus a couple from the press rooms we were in.

RAD! Do I take my S.A.T.s or go to Comic-Con???

Catwoman whips Comic-Con into shape!

Jace Hall, Stan Lee, Peter David, America Young, Mark Hamill, Adrienne Curry for Stan Lee's World of Heroes

The Doctor and Amy Pond.
Cosplayers: Jonathan & Katelyn (thanks Sean G.)

Lady Storm Trooper: "No Kevin Pereira, I will not buy your 1980's narcotics!"

Is it strange that this cosplayer makes that Daredevil costume look cooler than it ever did in the movie?

Daryl Dixon keeps an eye out for walking dead at Comic-Con.

Jubilee lights up the convention.

James Roday and Dule Hill reenact an intense dramatic scene from Psych

Looks like the Spartans have the Storm Trooper surrounded!

The many armors of Iron Man.

When I first saw this creepy display for Elysium at the Sony Booth, I thought it was Johnny Cab from the original Total Recall!

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Starwitch said...

That is one smexi Daryl Dixon!!!