Monday, July 2, 2012

Anime Expo 2012 Photos - Naruto

There were so much fantastic costumes at the 2012 Anime Expo including a great variety of Naruto cosplay! Check it out and don't forget we're working our hardest to get more photos up on the album so keep checking back.:

Kakashi protects Hinata with his Chidori.

This team is on a mission from Leaf Village to check out the Anime Expo.

Naruto and Konohamaru show off their sexy jutsus.

Deidara shows that art is explosive!
*Cosplayer: Scott

Anime Expo was so intense that Jiraiya had to get into Sage Mode!

Guy Sensei prepares for a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

Tobi and Kakashi take a break to read some Make Out Paradise.

Naruto uses the power of friendship to get Sasuke to hang out at the Anime Expo.

Kisame searches for some tasty chakra to feed Samehada.

Madara Uchiha searches for the 9 tails.

Who can compete against Madara with his Sharingan and Rinnegan?

Kakashi tries out the Sexy-No-Jutsu technique.

Jiraiya shows Sasuke where Naruto learned the Rasengan.

Tobi, Pain and Konan stop by Anime Expo on their way to destroy Leaf Village.

Naruto practices Sage Mode.

Deidara and Kakashi engage in an intense battle!
*Thanks to Brandi (Deidara) for submitting this photo!
*Photo Credits: Brandi M and Anthony L.

Kakashi chases Deidara through the Convention Center.
*Thanks to Brandi (Deidara) for submitting this photo!
*Photo Credits: Brandi M and Anthony L.

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We're working on getting the Anime Expo 2012 Album up so keep checking back to see the progress!

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