Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NEW CONTEST - Make Geek World Laugh!

UPDATE PART 2: April 20

Since our last update the email server has been fixed, therefore we're running this contest for one more week, until April 27.
Send your jokes to, or, or just click on the email us button (we promise it actually works now).

Sorry again to any of you who tried to take part in this contest and your emails got bounced back.

Because some of you are having problems sending us emails, we're extending this contest until APRIL 17. Please try to send your emails to both & in the same email. Sorry to all of you who have tried to send an email and it's been bounced back.

Original Post-

That's right, we've got a new contest for all you stand up comedy fans! Here's your chance to win a DVD of The Comedy Central standup specials, Jo Koy: Lights Out or JB Smoove: That's How I Dooz It. Both DVDs are extended and uncensored.

All you have to do is send us an email with your favorite joke. The funniest jokes will win one of the DVDs and the joke that gives us the biggest laugh will win one of each!


Joy Koy: Lights Out
Extended and Uncensored
Bonus Features: Joy Koy: All Access
                           DJ Josephine

JB Smoove: That's How I Dooz It
Extended and Uncensored
Bonus Features: Behind the Smoove
                           Dooz and Doozn'ts

This Contest runs until April 10

--Geek World


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
cant get through

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Anonymous said...

is the contest over?

Anonymous said...

Et Tu Geekworld capcha code :(

Anonymous said...

I got a great joke but if i post it here everyone will know it

Anonymous said...

Love the show I cant get through today

Anonymous said...

I want to win something this time

Anonymous said...

I know you guys cant possibly get to each person. sometimes I forget and think its just me and my friends that you are talking to. I am glad to see the show get this big.

I miss the personal touches like before.
Steve Theus

Anonymous said...

ANNA DAVE [Hear Me...]

Anonymous said...

Im not the only one that cant get through i see.
I got them on twitter, try them there but they have not answered me there.

Geek World said...

Hey Guys,

Really sorry the emails are getting bounced back, try sending them again to and If they get bounced back again we'll have to find a new way to fix the problem.

Sorry again for the inconvenience everyone!

-AnnaMay and Dave

Anonymous said...

OMG thank you for seeing we were having problems Thank You Guy'z