Monday, July 11, 2011

Anime Expo 2011- Day 3 Photos Pt.2!

The Fourth Hokage gets ready to fight the Nine-Tails with Thor's Mjolnir

The Armstrongs from Full Metal Alchemist show off their muscles

If you get separated from your group at the expo you might be Left 4 Dead

Black Gold Saw seems like a very appropriate name for this character

The Zelda group runs a foul a horde of Barbarians!

Deadman Wonderland's Shiro is the coolest albino character since that masochist monk in the The Da Vinci Code

Karin, another in a long line of ill-fated girls crushing on Sasuke

Judging from this pic, Onechanbara looks like the greatest video game ever!

The Soul Eater crew weirds out the Expo

Zorro shows off his legendary 3 sword style

Code Geass makes a royal entrance

Edward goes mushroom hunting at the Anime Expo

The characters from Princess Mononoke protect all the forest spirits at the expo

Ciel Phantomhive party's with the metro Mario Bros.

We've got 2 more pages of our Anime Expo Photo Album up. We should have the full album completed in the next couple of days.

Have you seen our Anime Expo video? Check it out, you might be in it (if you were at the expo, if not that would be weird)!

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