Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 San Diego Comic-Con - Some Photos from Sunday

Our plan was to put up a final Mini-Episode along with a set of photos from Sunday at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con but dreamland had other plans for us! So no Mini-Episode but here is a set of photos from our time at SDCC on Sunday!

Look out Comic-Con ghosts, it's Aaron, Zak, and Nick from Ghost Adventures!

Lucas, Hilbert, and Lyra know it's easier to catch Pokemon when you're a gangsta!

Chuck Norris Geek Fact: If you see Chuck Norris at Comic-Con a magnificent red beard will spontaneously grow on your face!

Watch out for the turtle shells, these Mario Kart games can get brutal!

Powdered Toast Man flew in backwards to save our breakfast!

These Visitors aren't shy about keeping their reptile sides hidden!

Harry Potter is catching the train to Hogwarts from Comic-Con!

It's a good thing the Tardis is bigger on the inside because that's a huge group!


Right after we took this photo Baby Doll flipped into the air and kicked Blue Jones's butt!

Before he went around murdering Jedis, Darth Vader was an Italian plumber saving the Mushroom Kingdom!

Characters from the new movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Geek!

Storm Shadow and Beach Head might fight on opposite sides but Comic-Con has a way of uniting enemies!

Harley Quinn escaped Arkham to attend the convention!

Jason Voorhees stalks Comic-Con searching for teenagers doing drugs and having sex!

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon give a salute to geekdom!

Yu-Gi-Oh shows us his inner-Pharoh.

Commander Bly and this Shadow Storm Trooper bring Star Wars to the Comic-Con floor!

Apparently Sideshow Collectibles thinks it's OK to just go around beheading comic book heroes and villains!

Jake and Finn traveled all the way from the Land of Ooo to have an SDCC Adventure!

A giant Smurf? I think that's false advertising!

Keep checking back for more photos and we'll have video up soon. We tweet frequently so follow our Twitter feed! Stay tuned for updates!

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