Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 Photos Day 3!!!!!!

The last day of E3 2011 was full of thrills and hardship. Dave left the WiiU line he and AnnaMay were waiting in for 2 hours for a previous appointment, right before he was able try the hyped new system.  Luckily AnnaMay stayed behind to play the mysterious new Nintendo while Dave happily went on a tour of the Bethesda booth, checking out the highly anticipated Rage, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Prey 2!

AnnaMay shows off the WiiU controller

Samus takes some time off intergalactic bounty hunting to play the new Wii

Samus picked a game, tragically Metroid was not available

The long line paid off with so many different ways to pay the WiiU

Look how the WiiU controls stack up against the traditional wiimote

AnnaMay plays Shield Pose

A look at AnnaMay's WiiU controller screen. How's she playing?

AnnaMay continues to fight pirates in Shield Pose

Check out how the WiiU controller screen interacts with the TV.

Make sure not to throw away your Wiimotes when you buy the new WiiU!

Does the WiiU have a dark side? (or is it just the lighting in the booth?)

The graphics on the game play video for Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS are scary good! (Hey that's puny!)

I am a real American! Playing Hulk Hogan on the Kinect!!!!

This is so fly that I'm not embarrassed to describe this as "fly"

We played a ton of highly anticipated game demos to review for next weeks show! We're so excited!! Don't miss our huge E3 show, next Thursday and Friday (June 16th and 17th) 12 am/pm on

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Michelle said...

Hey. I'm the Samus in those photos! Do you have the full size files from those two snapshots? If you do, please shoot me an E-mail with them!